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Use Your Tax Refund for Outdoor Home Improvements

What’s the best thing about Spring? It’s tax refund season! Although many people look forward to using their tax return to pay off their bills or take a well-deserved vacation, real estate experts suggest that homeowners opt for the less obvious way to spend their return…on home improvement projects. Using your tax refund on home improvements is not only a way for you to increase the value of your home, some improvements you can even use towards next year’s taxes as a write-off.

The average tax refund in America is just over $3,000, and there are many ways that you can put that money to good use, and your local Atlanta movers have some tips how.


Most homeowners do not realize that the outside appeal of their home can be money well-spent, and money that you will 100% make back. Try spending roughly $300 to $1,000 on a yard maintenance crew to come and spruce up your existing lawn. Hire a tree trimmer if necessary, and have someone trim any shrubs or overgrown bushes you may have.

Then, set up a consultation with a landscaper, and inquire on how you can liven up the foliage that you already have, and then ask what you can add. Wildflowers are the go-to plant to beautify your lawn and backyard, while being easy to maintain and not requiring too much water.

Curb Appeal

If you have a dog or children, consider using your tax return on fencing in your yard and front lawn. You can also fix outside drainage issues, or purchase new outside, front lawn furnishings and fixtures; you can even consider a small outdoor fountain.

Another creative way to use your tax return on curbside appeal: creating a pathway to your front door. If it is currently only concrete, price out rocks or stones to replace it.

Decks and Patios

Patios and decks can be a huge selling point if you ever choose to place your home on the market. They can add immense value, possibly even more than you put into it if you build it smartly.

Since many people choose to use their investment to go on a vacation, why not build an outdoor deck that can serve as a weekend getaway, every weekend! Decks and patios are the perfect “manly” getaway if you add a grille, TV, and beer cooler. It can also be the perfect breakfast space and quiet reading retreat for women. Or, decks and patios can be the ultimate play place for children’s larger toys and possibly a pool!


When is the last time you painted your house or had it painted? Adding a fresh coat of paint can quickly transform the entire appearance of your home, and may even leave you with some tax money to play with. 

If you use your tax return on paying off bills or a vacation, it is money that you will never see again; using it on your home is an investment that can still put money in your pocket.