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Roswell At A Glance

Moving to Roswell? All My Sons Will Take You Home

More than 87,800 people call Roswell home, and it’s easy to see why. With a healthy business climate, award-winning public school system, and a culturally rich community, a move to Roswell, Atlanta, and surrounding areas is always a smart move! From a look back in time to present-day work and play in Fulton County, your Roswell movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have the scoop on living the good life in Roswell.

If you pick up the latest addition of Frommer’s Best Places to Raise Your Family, you may notice that Roswell holds a place in the top three cities named. Though this doesn’t come as a surprise to many Roswell residents, the city takes pride in national and local recognition for its efforts in creating a family-friendly, community-oriented environment. With strong leadership from Mayor Jere Wood and the six-member City Council, the city of Roswell operates under the watchful eye of an open and responsive government. As your movers in Roswell are happy to point out, this strong governing body has led Roswell to earn titles such as ‘The 19th Safest City in the United States” and Atlanta Magazine’s “Best Place to Live in the Region.”

Much like nearby Atlanta, Roswell hails from a complex and eventful history. Incorporated as an official city in 1854, Roswell’s growing success took a sharp detour when its major mills and manufacturing buildings were destroyed during the American Civil War in 1864. The people of Roswell endured, however, and rebuilt the mills to restore success to Roswell. Today, the mansions of Roswell’s founding families provide a tangible view of the past. Spared by Union troops in the 19th century, Bulloch Hall, Barrington Hall, and the Smith Plantation are now beautifully-restored public museums for the residents of Roswell to enjoy.

With a convenient location only 20 minutes north of Atlanta, many businesses and Roswell moving companies like All My Sons have settle here to serve the citizens of Roswell and northern Atlanta. Although Kimberly-Clark is the area’s largest employer, many of Roswell’s 5,000 registered businesses are home-based and attest to the entrepreneurial spirit of local residents. 

Roswell, Georgia has a lot to offer you. For questions about moving to Roswell, or to book your move with your friendly Roswell movers, call All My Sons today!