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Revamp Your Home With Temporary Wallpaper

Are your walls bare and boring? Say goodbye to plain, empty walls and hello to temporary wallpaper! From bold prints to solid colors, removal wallpaper is an excellent choice for not only renters in Atlanta but also homeowners who don’t want to paint their walls. Add a popping pattern to your empty canvas for a spruced-up look. Learn more about how to decorate your home with temporary wallpaper from our expert Atlanta movers.

What is Temporary Wallpaper?

Temporary wallpaper is a decorative option for those who want to add character to a room, but it is easy to remove. Renters have made removal wallpaper more popular because it is an excellent solution for removing dullness to a room without having to use paint. Temporary wallpaper is an inexpensive but stylish way to decorate your home. All you need to do is peel and stick the wallpaper to your desired spot, and you now have a wall that is lively and fresh.

Where Should I Put Temporary Wallpaper?

Decorating with removable wallpaper is fun and exciting, but it can be tough deciding where to place each pattern and color. You don’t want to overdo it with the patterns, but you also don’t want only one wall to have color while the rest of the home is bare. It can also be tricky choosing your pattern, print and colors. Don’t worry! Here are a few decorating tips with temporary wallpaper ideas from our residential movers in Atlanta.

1. Kitchen

Not only can you add temporary wallpaper to your kitchen wall, but you can also use it as your backsplash. Kitchen backsplashes guard your walls and fight against any messes that may arise when cooking. People typically add a tile backsplash, but you can add a pop of pattern with removable wallpaper. Spruce up your kitchen with a fun pop of blue or stick to classics like marble print.

2. Bedroom

A great place to add temporary wallpaper is your bedroom. Add a feature wall behind your bed to set the overall tone to your room. You can either stick to an accent wall or add wallpaper to all your bedroom walls to make it appear as if you painted the entire room. Stick to neutrals like beige, silver and gold, or be bold with color and mixed material.  

3. Bathroom

Another way to decorate with removable wallpaper is in the bathroom. Choose a fun and inviting pattern like polka dots for your guest bathroom. Perhaps pick a modern pattern like marble or chevron for the other bathrooms in your home. Make sure you are choosing a water-resistant wallpaper for your bathroom.

4. Living Room

Liven up your living room with a touch of color in your removable wallpaper. You can create a feature wall behind your television to create more dimension in your room. When it comes to choosing wallpaper for your living room, it’s important you choose a pattern with depth and texture. Look for wallpaper that mimics brick or tile, or even a geometric wall; this way, the room will actually appear larger.

5. Dining Room

Did you know you can spruce up your dining room with wallpaper? Often, dining rooms are neutral and bare. Dining rooms should be full of life since it’s where families, friends and guests gather over a meal. Add a geometric pattern or even floral print but keep the colors neutral. Give the room an inviting atmosphere as you enjoy your company.

When it comes to choosing temporary wallpaper, the limit doesn’t exist. There are patterns and prints for all styles and personalities. From modern to traditional tastes, choose removable wallpaper when decorating your place. For all your relocation needs, trust the experts at All My Sons Moving & Storage. Contact us today at 770-637-7390 to book our dedicated team and receive your free, no-obligation quote.