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Reusable Home Items that You Probably Aren't Reusing

Manufacturers want you to buy their product and they want you to buy it as often as possible, which is why you may not be reusing the most reusable products in your home. If you are moving to Atlanta, our professional movers want to let you in on some reusable secret items that you probably never knew about, AND their alternate uses.

1) Dryer Sheets don’t just keep your clothes from smelling fresh, staying soft, and not sticking together; they also can be used to dust. The static that dryer sheets hold, allows for dust to be repelled away from surfaces that you use them to clean with.  You can also take them straight from your dryer and place them in your son’s smelly tennis shoes to freshen them up. Pet lover? Dryer sheets can be used to wipe pet hairs off of your clothes.  Dryer sheets can also be used to shine the chrome on vehicles, make scissors cut better, and even make the air in your home cleaner by placing them in every AC vent in your home.

2) Coffee Filters can give a boost to more than just your morning. Take your used coffee filter filled with grinds and use it as a plant fertilizer by placing it in the bottom of flower pots. Not only will your plant get a caffeine boost, it will also prevent soil from spilling out of the drain hole. Just finished making a greasy feast in the kitchen? Don’t forget to use your morning coffee’s grounds to clean the grease off of your dirty pots and pans.

3) Aluminum Foil can do more than just protect your food while storing in the fridge.  Changing the oil in your car and don’t have a funnel? Before you run to Pep Boys and buy one, check to see if you have aluminum foil in the kitchen and make your own! Painting your house and need to protect door handles? Cover them in aluminum foil to prevent any paint from getting on the knobs. Another genius use for your $3 roll with 200 feet of aluminum…use it to scrub glassware instead of using a Brillo pad.

4) Disposable Razors do not have to be “disposed” of so quickly either. You can actually sharpen them by running the blades on a pair of jeans (the opposite way than what would cut the jeans). You can also use them to take the stains off of sweaters by simply shaving them away.

5) Plastic Butter Containers or any plastic container that your store bought food comes in, does not have to be thrown away. If you have small children, you can reuse the plastic containers that used to store your butter, and use them to store your child’s snacks or small meals in. Reusing plastic containers that certain food products come packaged in, can save you money when you don’t have to buy Tupperware.

Get the most out of the items that you buy for your home, some of them have a hundred ways that they can be reused! If you will be moving to Atlanta, you can also use some of these reusable home items to help you pack and store your belongings before loading them onto your All My Sons moving truck.