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According to an article on MSN.com, just because the law says that your rental home must be up to par doesn’t really mean that it is or will be. If you’re a renter than you might not know that no one is checking up on your landlord. The article online takes the example of a landlord that was sent to jail for three months last summer because he was responsible for a fire caused by faulty, home-rigged wiring in his unit. He was also told that if he ever re-entered the rental business he would get 15 years in jail.

In the U.S. there are plenty of irresponsible landlords operating under the radar with little concern for repercussions. Housing codes are stricter but the enforcement isn’t. So as a result, property values suffer. Responsible landlords pay more. And on the other hand, frustrated tenants who complain about leaky roofs, malfunctioning heaters, mold and so on, have no one to turn to with requests getting put off.

By law, the Atlanta movers found out, rental units must comply with city and state housing codes but typically buildings are only inspected when they are built or when ownership of these buildings change or they are renovated, so these inspections are far and few between. Another reason why rental units are not always up to par is because landlords don’t need a license to operate as landlords, there are no tests required either or supervision really. Almost anyone can be a landlord. And at the same time tenants can’t really identify whether the unit is safe or up to par with housing codes.

Landlords can be intimidating to certain people and so a lot of tenants don’t complain even if they really want to, especially in low-income housing. Landlords have the power to raise rent, evict and so on, so people tend to stay quiet. Some cities across the U.S. though have more advocates that speak up.

If you’re looking to rent in the Atlanta area, make sure you’re protected. Ask your realtor numerous questions about the area, the building, the unit, even about the landlord if possible. If you work with a realtor that was referred to you by a friend or family, they might even be more honest with you and give you an insight that can give you reason to rent or not. All My Sons of Atlanta suggests you check for certificates on elevators, check for fire alarms, check staircases, verify the locks on your door, isolation around the window, inspect the unit as much as possible. You can also take pictures of the unit to make sure that if there is something broken or not working, that you would have proof of that when it’s time to leave the rental unit. And remember if you need help moving in the Atlanta area, the local Atlanta moving specialists will tackle the job efficiently and safely.