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To remodel or not Remodel that is the question?

So you’ve decided that it might be time to sell your house and are wondering whether or not you should do some remodeling first. Well, the Atlanta movers, the expert Atlanta moving company, suggest that remodeling isn't always the best return on your dollar. A recent article from CNN MONEY states that for every dollar you spend remodeling, $0.60 cents of that investment will come back to you when you sell, thus a loss. Although this comes from a trusted news source, not everybody agrees. There are some that think people want to buy a home that is fully renovated as opposed to doing the renovations themselves. Now, this might ring true but it all depends on the buyers of course. All My Sons of Atlanta, your local Atlanta moving specialists, want to remind you that some buyers actually prefer making renovations themselves to make it their own style.

Again as stated earlier it really depends on the buyer. Some sellers believe that their home will sell for a higher price if they make some remodeling first. This can be psychological sometimes and it's best to think things through before shelling out a good sum of money on renovations that you may not get back when you sell your property. Now, it's a different story altogether if you are thinking about remodeling but not wanting to sell. Then, of course it's worth every penny on your investment because you want to make your house as beautiful as possible. You are the one who will be living there for who knows how many years....maybe even forever so it’s important you like it. If you are this kind of person than remodeling is a good idea for you, but if you are thinking of remodeling for the purpose of selling then you might be better off making simple and inexpensive renovations rather than spending more money on something that might even turn off a buyer. That's right, the Atlanta movers want to remind you that some remodeling you might think is nice, can in fact be the reason why a buyer holds off on their bid. What is nice to one might not be to another.

If you are selling your home then think of a better strategy rather than remodeling right away. Some little fixes here and there might make a big difference to that buyer. Remember to trust All My Sons of Atlanta for your moving needs. We have expert movers that will quilt pad your belongings to your new place. If you are looking for a hassle free move then, the Atlanta movers will deliver. Clever isn’t it?