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Redecorate Your Apartment for Less

Here at the Atlanta movers, we understand the importance of making your home feel like its your own. Whether your "home" is a house, apartment, or loft, it's vital that you feel happy when you walk in the front door after a long hard day. However, decorating can get expensive. The All My Sons team has decided to help you come up with some handy tricks to get the luxe look for less in your Atlanta apartment!

First off, get rid of things that are ruined to the point of repair. If a chair has three legs, it's unlikely that you'll be woodworking a new one anytime soon, so pitch it. A stained couch cushion, however, can get an easy makeover with slipcovers or excess fabrics. Keep your mind open, but also be honest with yourself. Hanging on to too much stuff that you will never get around to fixing is a fast way to turn into a hoarder.

Next, evaluate what you'll need and write it all down. Places like Home Depot, Lowe's and Wal Mart often offer similar pieces that you would find at a more expensive retailer, and when you're decorating on a budget you want to flex your creativity and thrift muscles. Need inspiration? Hit the blogosphere and check out DIY sites. Also, Pinterest is a great resource for seeing what others have done and how to recreate it--often with simple, everyday household items.

Last, schedule time to get it all done. Procrastination is your enemy, and it's a strong one! Don't let yourself think you can or will do it tomorrow--do it now. Afternoon or evening trips to inexpensive stores such as IKEA can offer loads of products that are easy on the wallet. And for the quickest spruce-up of all? Paint! An apartment (or any other abode for that matter) looks tres chic and tres finished when the walls are even done up.

Happy decorating!