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Pros of Moving to Athens GA

Looking to move to Athens, GA? Who could blame you? This great city has the community, great weather, the mountains, and a low cost of living, which should be enough reason for most people. All My Sons Moving & Storage is thrilled to move families and individuals to our great city, so this article may sound a little biased because this is home! However, we understand people are asking, “What is Athens, Georgia, like?” Here are some of the pros of living in Athens, directly from our Atlanta local movers.

Small Town Life

Athens is just over 70 miles northeast of Atlanta, and it’s the best kept secret in all of Georgia. People move to Athens and places like it when they want a ‘small town’ atmosphere and big city amenities. The pros of moving to Athens, GA are:


There’s a sense of belonging that you can only get in a small town. You’ll notice how friendly people are as soon as you meet the Athens movers and your neighbors!

Career Advancement

It may sound counter-intuitive, but studies have shown that small towns are the perfect places to advance your career. Smaller talent pools mean you have a greater chance of getting hired, due to less competition.

Less Stress

People who move from cities to small towns often cite stress as the deciding factor. There’s less traffic and noise pollution, which are big deciding factors for most people.  We can ensure that you’ll feel like a new person once you move to Athens.  Small town life is not for everyone though, and so, there are pros and cons to moving to Athens, GA.  For some, the small-town pace is a con to moving into the area, since they like the hustle and bustle of the big city like Atlanta. 

Blue Ridge Mountains

What is Athens, Georgia, like? It’s very different from living in most of the American South! Athens is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The scenic forest, picturesque waterfalls, and cabin rentals are enough to make anyone want to move to Athens. 

If you like to spend time outdoors, hiking, biking or camping, then the Blue Ridge Mountains are perfect for you. The weather is an added bonus, and you’ll find yourself spending more time outside than you ever have before. The range is massive, so our Atlanta residential movers recommend going on a guided tour first, which is safer and a great way to get to know the area first! 

Cost of Living

It’s not just our Athens movers that are affordable, almost everything else is too. Athens has a cost of living that is eight points below the national average! The average cost of a home in Athens is $149,000, which is also below the national average. If you are looking to raise a family or even retire early, then the ‘small town’ life and low cost of living may be the perfect fit for you! 

Our Atlanta movers  hope they were able to answer your question, “What is Athens, Georgia, like?” Our Atlanta movers have everything ready for you to get you to your brand new home safely and efficiently. Call us today and receive a free, no-obligation quote!