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Properly Packing Electronics For Your Move

There are so many aspects of the moving process that many homeowners are unaware of. Sometimes, we may think that we have carefully packed all of our belongings, only to make it to our new home and find all of our items damaged or failing to turn on. The most common items that end up not working are appliances.

If you are moving to Atlanta and are not hiring a full service mover who can disassemble, pack, and reassemble your belongings using the best practice methods, you can protect your electronics by following these simple, proper electronics packing tips.

  1. Did you save the appliance’s manual and instructions? The manufacturers’ advice for storing and packing your electronic device is your best friend when it comes time to move; however, most people chuck the boxes once they purchase the item. If you do not have the original packing instructions that came with the appliance, you can search for it online.

  2. Use the original boxes for packing your electronics. If you happened to save the original boxes and everything that accompanied the appliance, like Styrofoam, you will have the ultimate supplies for packing and storing your electronic device in a manner that should protect it from any bumps or dings that could occur during your move to Atlanta.

  3. Since reassembling your electronics in your new home can be confusing, Atlanta movers suggest that while you are disassembling items like computers, stereos, TVs and anything else with a ton of cords, that you label each cord with a colored sticker. Purchase small, colored stickers that you can place on each raveled cord and where it connects on the device. This practice is typically done by full service movers who want to relieve the hassle of having to find which cord belongs to which appliance, and where each cord connects to the appliance.

  4. Professional Atlanta moving companies care about your belongings, so on the off-chance that you hire a fraudulent moving company, take precautionary measures to protect your expensive electronic equipment by leaving the boxes unmarked. Not labeling expensive items can help save them from being stolen.

  5. Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. In order to keep your new home free from the dust and dander of your old home, wrap electronics in linens. Wrapping electronics with linen or clean paper will make it so that your electronics don’t collect too much dust during the moving process, which can also damage your device.

  6. Make an inventory list of your electronics. As you are disassembling and packing your household electronics, make a list of each device and all of its components. That way, it will be easier to assemble at your new home and see if you lost anything during your move.

Feel confident that your move to Atlanta will go smoothly and protect some of your most valuable household items by properly packing your electronics.