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Packing to Move

When it comes to moving, packing your belongings up is a huge element to getting the move done with ease. It is important to have a system for packing rather than simply to start tossing things into boxes. There are elements of packing you need to prepare for—such as allocating enough time for packing and having all of the supplies that you will need. The Alpharetta movers have a few expert tips to help you get your next move off to a great start.

Assess how much stuff you have, then examine if there are any ways that you can downsize. Every little bit helps—by getting rid of stuff, you have less to pack and will be hoarding less stuff. It’s a win-win.

Pack like items to stay organized. Also, save the big boxes for heavier items, as they are often more sturdy and resistant to collapsing, and put your lighter items (like linens) in bigger boxes.

Use packing paper or sheets/blankets to protect valuables. Avoid using newspaper because the ink can transfer and smudge ink onto your belongings.

Some things to keep on hand: bubble wrap, packing tape, a sharpie. These items are the trifecta of a successful and organized move. When it comes to properly taping, tape around the entire box, not just where the open folds meet on the top of the box.

Be sure you accurately mark the boxes. Don’t limit yourself to one word, like “Kitchen.” Be more specific, like “pots & pans” or “cutlery and utensils” so you know exactly where to find what you need!

Make sure you keep a suitcase packed with immediate needs, such as a few days change of clothing, toiletries, and chargers for daily electronics.

Remember when loading boxes that heavier items need to fill the bottom of the box, and items should lighten in weight as the box fills.

Wrap your mattress or let the Atlanta movers do it—either way you want to protect the mattress in your move.

Remember the same theory you used to pack the boxes, and be sure to load the moving truck with the heaviest boxes first. This will keep you from having to rearrange boxes in the truck and will also help you save time. Good luck with your move!