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Packing Supplies You Don’t Know Exist

 Moving into a new home is a lot of work. There’s no going around that. Still, what’s equally as important as the amount of elbow grease that goes into moving is the kind of packing products used. If you know anything about shopping for packing supplies in Atlanta, then you understand that only high-quality products will ensure the safe transport of your belongings. However, you may not be fully aware of some of the unknown yet highly necessary packing products in Atlanta. Supplies that go beyond the tape, scissors, and standard cardboard moving box. Don’t fret, below is a list of packing supplies that you may not know exist, as well as the benefits they offer. 

Different Types of Packing Products in Atlanta


Furniture Moving Pads

Atlanta movers like to use furniture moving pads to wrap and protect furniture from being damaged during a move. Sometimes tables, chairs, and sofas can end up being scratched or even broken while in the bed of the moving truck. Purchasing furniture moving pads is a great preventative measure to adopt for this. Be sure to keep rubber bands on hand to secure the pads in place.


Flat Screen TV Boxes

Flat screen TV boxes are as the name suggests - boxes used to protect televisions from being damaged or broken during loading or transport. These specialty boxes can come in various sizes and are designed for just about any model flat screen. It’s a good idea to fill the box with packing peanuts after securing the television for added protection.


Wardrobe Boxes

The wardrobe box is an incredibly useful packing supply. This moving box is specially designed for hanging wardrobe. Wardrobe boxes allow you to seamlessly transfer the contents of your closet to the box’s rack, making it easy to load and unload clothing. Each Wardrobe Box contains enough space and durability to handle clothing from a four-foot closet.

Mattress Covers

Surprisingly, many people tend to take their mattress and load it onto the moving truck without protecting it. This can sometimes lead to the mattress being torn and ripped. Mattress covers offer protection against this happenstance. Mattress covers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from twin to king sized. The mattress pad is designed to protect against dust, dirt, and water. The Atlanta movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage highly recommend purchasing this packing supply for a move or even for storage purposes. They are essential to keeping your mattress clean and protected in the moving van and provides additional protection when moving outdoors.  


Where to Find the Best Packing Products in Atlanta


There’s no better place to find packing products than with All My Sons Moving & Storage in Atlanta. We offer the essentials for any move, as well as additional packing supplies for specialty items. For over 20 years, we’ve been the best moving company in Atlanta. Contact us today to obtain the packing supplies that the professionals use daily.