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Packing for an Office Move

There’s something to be said about the thriving economy of Atlanta and why it holds the 5th largest metropolitan population in the United States. Atlanta is widely considered one of the top business cities in the country, and serves as headquarters to some of the top corporations in the world. There’s clearly no surprise as to why entrepreneurs want to move their small businesses to this growing city. With opportunities for growth and profits, now is the best time to call on the All My Sons Moving & Storage packing services in Atlanta to get your business growing in Atlanta.


How Do You Get Started?

Just like anything involving business, you want to be as accurate and efficient as possible. So, before you start throwing things into boxes, grab some labels and sharpies, it’s time to take an inventory of all your merchandise.

Perform an Inventory Checklist

You’re going to want to keep track of anything and everything of importance in the office. Whether you’re using a packing services provider in Atlanta or making the move yourself, it’s important to know what is being moved and where it’s going. Especially if the new office is bigger and/or has more rooms.  Sweep each area or room of the current office and write what’s there, the item quantity and where it’ll be going once it arrives at the new destination. Organization will make your whole move easier.

Label Your Items

Place labels on items where they can be easily seen. Label everything that is to be moved, including chairs, computer monitors, desks, shelves, etc. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers packing services in Atlanta that will label your items during residential and commercial moves. It’s recommended to follow the same procedures that the professionals do if you opt not to use a professional packing service.

Tackle the Small Items

Pens, pencils, staplers, etc. Pack those things up first. Use sealed plastic bags and/or small boxes for these items. For any fragile items, wrap them in bubble wrap and pack them separately if desired.


Once you’re able to get through the clearing of all the small and loose items, turn your attention to the large items. Disassemble desks, bookshelves, cabinets and any other office furniture items if necessary. For bookshelves and other office furniture with shelves, tape the shelves together to keep them from being lost or damaged. Use moving blankets to wrap any furniture that could be scratched or destroyed during the move.


Perform a backup of all files before disconnecting your computer. Unplug the fax and copy machines, phones, server and all other electronic equipment. Wrap and/or bag the cables together and tape them to the corresponding machine. It’s also a good idea to bubble wrap the more fragile equipment such as desktop monitors or anything else that can be cracked or broken.

For top quality packing services in Atlanta, trust the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to move your office.