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Easy Steps to an Organized Refrigerator

Sometimes in the chaos of life, certain areas of our home fall short in the attention to detail category. The refrigerator is often one of these forgotten areas. The Atlanta movers have devised a plan to help you get your refrigerator under control and keep it from turning into chaos. It’s pretty simple, really, and if you look at the general composition of the refrigerator it is perfect for keeping everything in its place, complete with lights, drawers, shelving and compartments. Alas, it is still a project to be tackled by many. Let’s begin!

First, take everything out of the refrigerator. As you remove each item, check expiration dates and you’ll likely cut down on a portion of the refrigerator’s contents. You’ll be surprised how many things have stayed around longer than they should have. Many of us forget about food items, especially produce, and it gets thrown out—wasted!

Now that you have everything out of the fridge, take inventory of what you regularly eat and drink, and what you could probably stop buying. While everything is out, clean the fridge with antibacterial wipes. Packages often leak, and airborne spills and germs can live quite comfortable in the cool, damp refrigerator climate. After removing surface stains with the wipes, mix together water and white vinegar to really remove bacteria and any funky odor. Clean each shelf, drawer, and the sides of the fridge to ensure it truly is clean.

As you begin loading items back into the refrigerator, think about the smartest and most efficient way to organize your perishables. Use drawers for what they say—fruit in one, veggies in the other, old cuts and cheese in the top drawer. Juices and milks go in larger shelving areas, and smaller condiments like mustard, jelly and mayonnaise should all be gathered in door shelving units. Larger items, such as cuts of meat, can get stacked to save space.

Like any of the closets and shelving in your home, the refrigerator should have spots assigned for everything. If you buy yogurt by the box, allot a space for yogurt to be stored. Ditto for bread and bagels if you refrigerate those items, they need a designated place.

To keep scent under control, we suggest picking up a box of baking soda and regularly changing it out. It will remove odor from the air, whether it’s good or bad odor.

Now that you have gotten the refrigerator under wraps, it’s time to inform the rest of the family! One key element to keeping a working and functioning, organized refrigerator is by getting everyone to participate. Even those family members in a hurry should be able to put meat and cheese back in the drawer—but if another family member notices where someone else didn’t have time, encourage them to set things right.