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Consider New Fixtures to Update Your Bathroom

Just because you can't buy a new home or move on a whim doesn't mean you can't incorporate little tricks into your home to keep it feeling new. While some updates such as new kitchen cabinets can be pricy, strategic updates like swapping out bathroom fixtures can be cost effective and change the whole look of your bathroom. The Stone Mountain movers want to help you figure out what updates can work for you and how to best implement them.

Increase lightness in your bathroom by removing wall mounted cabinets with bulky builds for a lighter, open shelf with storage space or baskets. Swapping out the chunky furniture in favor of items that are open and airy will make the bathroom feel that way too.

Restyle your towel storage. A basic metal bar here or there is a very generic way of storing wet towels and hand cloths. Look for something unique, such as a bar mounted to the shower door or storage cubes mounted on the wall with rolled towels stored sporadically on one of the walls. Surrounding cubes can contain toilet paper, q-tips and other bathroom items in ane say to reach but uncluttered way.

Add reflection. One vanity mirror is common, but two provides additional storage and utilizes one of the most natural ways to create space--reflective light. Purchase a pair of matching vanities to update the bathroom without creating a dent in your wallet.

Swap light fixtures. Bathroom light fixtures are a constantly evolving industry, so updating the light fixtures in your bathroom will be a quick and easy way to update your bathroom in its entirety. Go for brushed metals that are a muted metal to keep the bathroom looking fresh, modern, and sleek.

These quick fixes can give your bathroom a new look, and you can implement one or all of these ideas depending on your budget. Enjoy your new bathroom, and remember that home projects are a continual process; you can do a little at a time or go all in!