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Preparing to Move Away for College

At some point in your life, you or your child will likely experience a move to another city to attend college. The Atlanta local movers know that moving can be a stressful and tiring time, and adding the pressure of a new city and a step towards independence certainly doesn’t make the process any smoother. Luckily, we have a few tips for helping you move away to college with organization, planning, and precision. Read on to learn more.

Make a list of items that you will need. This will vary on your new residence (furnished or unfurnished?) and also on your habits (do you like to cook?), though some items will be essential for everyone, such as basic dishes, laundry items, cleaning supplies, sheets and basic bathroom décor in addition to your wardrobe and personal items. Go through your current home room by room and write down what you will need—even the most mundane items will likely be essentials.

Once you have a list, break things down by immediacy. Maybe you don’t need an iron & ironing board right away, but you do need pillows and sheets. When you pack, also keep things separated that will allow you to use the things you need on the first night—towels, toothbrush, deodorant, toilet paper, pajamas—in a marked box so you aren’t looking for these necessities at the last minute.

While it’s important to pack everything you need, it’s important not to overpack either. Moving into a dorm? There will likely be a common area with things like a toaster and microwave for you to use to eat, so you won’t need those. Also, look into storage solutions like carts, shelves, and bins to organize clothing since there likely will be little closet space. You might not even need a mattress—look into what your dorm includes and pack the rest accordingly.

Once you start packing boxes, label everything to prevent mix-ups or frustration when searching for particular things. Fold items neatly and pack in a way that prevents wasted space.  Carefully pack fragile items and electronics so prevent items from breaking.

Once you get to your new place, unpack, relax, and enjoy college!