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Moving Tips For Couples

You could’ve moved on your own in the past, when going away to college, your first apartment when you graduated and got a new job, or even moving back home for a period of time. But, when you’re moving in for your better half, whether as a couple or as newlyweds, moving in is a totally different experience. The U.S. Census bureau says that 20-29 year –olds have the highest moving rate compared to any other age group, because of life events like marriage or childbirth, even a new job/relocation.

Marriage can be stressful because it demands a lo of preparations for the wedding day, but then many compromises and change after that. Two people are getting used to living under the same roof. For that reason, All My Sons of Atlanta is here to help with a few good moving tips to help you transition easier.

As soon as you know you’re moving in together, open the lines of communication. Talk about how much stuff you have, what you’d like to bring with you and what you can leave behind. If you’ve lived separately for quite some time, the both of you will have to get rid of some items you own. There’s no need for three and four couches in an apartment or a home. You might also have extra television sets, computers and more items. You should both make an inventory list of the things you own so you ca tally up the stuff and see where you both stand. Your styles and tastes are probably different too, so you should talk about how you’re going to mix and match furniture and belongings. Don’t forget to list everything. This about the little things too like kitchen appliances like blenders and juicers, thins about silverware, pictures, art, video equipment, laptops, everything. On a personal level, you should start thinking about what you feel you can live without and what you must have and keep.

Once your inventory is done, start thinking about ways that you can get rid of the stuff you won’t need. Think about websites like ebay or craigslsit where you cans ell your items and get money for it to help you with your moving expenses. Think about holding a yard sale on the weekend or even calling up a few nonprofit foundations to come pick up the extra belongings you have. By doing this you’ll have more room for your partner’s things and also you’ll reduce the load that’s being transported back with your professional movers.

When visiting your new place for the first few times before you move in, start visualizing where your stuff is going to go, along with your partner. That will help you decide which piece of furniture fits best in terms of style and size. Also, you can check how much closet space you have, where toiletries will go and so on.

The Atlanta movers remind you to get reliable movers to help you with your moving services. Go with a credible and reputable moving company like All My sons of Atlanta that’s licensed and insured. You moving day will be smooth and you can celebrate you new space together.