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Your Moving Checklist from the Atlanta Movers

Whether you’ve moved once in your life or once every few years, moving can be quite the chore. Thankfully, we’ve helped families and individuals just like you move in the Atlanta area and beyond for over forty years. Before you let the task of moving overwhelm you, follow our timeline for getting prepared to move to save you stress, time, energy, and even money! Read on to learn our Atlanta moving tips.

One month before you move:

Get an estimate from professional movers. Do not always judge your movers by cost—look also at their reviews and be sure that they have insurance in case anything happens to your belongings.

Finalize a moving date. If you are moving into a Buckhead condo or another multi-tenant space in Atlanta, check with the association about scheduling a move. Sometimes you have to reserve the freight elevator, and some places do not allow move-in or move-out on Sundays out of respect for existing tenants.

Change the billing address for your bank, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, credit cards and more. Also notify the post office for a change of permanent address. Also, you will need to register your new address with the local DMV.

Build a moving folder where you can keep all of the important documents related to your move.

Call the utility company and prepare to have services switched over to your new residence. Other utility providers like cable, phone, internet and more will need to be transferred as well.

Send an e-mail to your family friends with your new contact info and your moving date, as well as your employer and your insurance companies.

One week before you move:

Make arrangements for pets and children to be in a daycare or with family to help the moving process go quicker and without distraction. Or, have someone with you, like a nanny, who can be dedicated to watching after your young ones while you handle the logistics of moving.

 Pack items that you will not need—basically just leave one suitcase out for clothing for the first few nights, as well as essentials like light bulbs, toilet paper, toothpaste and soap.

Day before you move:

Clean your new place before moving in

Day of moving:

Clean your old place and prepare it for the new homeowners!