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Moving by Yourself vs Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is a process that many people find overwhelming and stressful. There are many tasks that must be done, such as switching over the utilities to the new house, and decisions to be made, like which belongings you’re going to keep and which ones you want to donate. There’s also the decision of moving by yourself or hiring a moving company. There are pros and cons to each option. Our movers in Atlanta outline the benefits and downsides of moving on your own or hiring the professionals.


Do-It-Yourself Move

Pros: There are many pros to moving on your own compared to hiring a moving company. You have the freedom to choose how you want the move organized and you can set whatever timeline is convenient for you. No need to wait for a professional moving company’s availability. You can take your time to pack your belongings in a way that makes sense to you using products you choose. You don’t even have to buy packing supplies, especially when you use things you already have, such as luggage and towels, in place of boxes and bubble wrap. When you hire a moving company, they will use their own products, leaving you with a mountain of packing material you would need to dispose of after the move. If you need storage, you decide when and how to arrange it. And if it’s easier for you to move little by little, you can make it happen. Many people decide to move on their own because they believe it will save them money. Why pay for someone else to move their belongings when they are able to do it themselves?


Cons: While you may be thinking that moving by yourself is the way to go, it’s a stressful job, not to mention dangerous as well. The risk of injury is way higher when you are moving by yourself unless you’re a trained mover or weightlifter. Heavy lifting can cause serious harm on your back and legs when not done properly. Also, when you move on your own and something unexpected happens, that’s an added stress you have to deal with on your own. In a worst-case scenario involving damaged or lost items, you are financially responsible because there’s no liability or insurance coverage when you’re moving on your own.


Hiring a Moving Company

Pros: Sit back and relax because you when hire a moving company you don’t have do the labor-intensive work or plan the move from start to finish. A professional moving company will be there from beginning to end, making sure your demands are met and your questions and concerns regarding the move are dealt with. A full-service company like All My Sons Moving & Storage Atlanta will offer a wide range of options from packing services and auto movers in Atlanta to local or long-distance movers and Atlanta residential movers so that every single aspect of any kind of move is taken care of. Unlike friends or family who aren’t trained in the moving process, a moving company is always efficient and trustworthy. You can sleep better knowing that a moving company will arrive on the day of your move and be ready to help without complaining. Moving companies also have liability coverage and insurance options in case any of your belongings are damaged or lost along the way.


Cons: A moving company might not be available at the time you need to move. In a worst-case scenario, a moving company may decide to postpone your move or arrive late on your moving day. Many also find that the expense of a hiring a moving company is too much to afford. But people only think about the cost in dollars and forget to consider the cost that moving on your own has on your mental well-being. Hiring a moving company is a worthy investment in your peace of mind. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to hiring a moving company.


The Conclusion

In the end, the decision between moving by yourself or hiring a moving company is ultimately a personal one depending on your circumstances. If you decide to hire a moving company, call our reliable movers at 770-615-8243 for more information about all the services we offer and get a free estimate!