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Moving a Business to Atlanta

Once your company has finalized a lease for a new location, you will want to get on top of planning when moving your business to Atlanta. Moving a business to a large city is not an easy task, so proper planning and cooperation between your officials, staff, and your moving team is going to be key. The very first thing that your company should do is research corporate movers in Atlanta.

Make sure that the corporate moving company in Atlanta has met the following requirements:

- They are licensed and insured.

If moving across state lines, make sure that they have a USDOT Number. This ensures that they are licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation for moving cargo across state lines.

Check their online reviews.

Check with other local businesses for word-of-mouth recommendations for corporate Atlanta movers.

Receive at least three free, in-office estimates.

After your corporate moving company has passed all of the above and you have chosen one of the three quotes, you should notify your present landlord that you will either not be resigning a lease, or that you will need to agree upon a termination date. Notify all staff of the date and location of the move, as well as all clients and vendors, then create a master change-of-address list.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Atlanta has been moving businesses to Atlanta for over two decades and has a pre-move and post-move checklist that includes, but is not limited to the following:


Reserve elevators and loading docks.

Take inventory alongside your corporate movers.

Audit keys.

- Mail moving notices to all banks, clients, professional organizations, insurance companies, accounts receivables, and utilities.

Schedule press release and office-warming party.

Check out new office location three weeks prior and measure out where all furniture and equipment will be placed, and if any current furniture should be gotten rid of.

Contact new utility companies to have everything switched over.

Make sure that all employees are okay with the move and negotiate arrangements if need be.

Coordinate with the corporate movers in Atlanta that you chose, and make sure that all arrangements are finalized and the plan is concrete and efficient.


If you have not enlisted in full-service corporate movers in Atlanta and workspace solutions coordinators, you will want to install all telephones and equipment.

Arrange all furniture.

Do a detailed walk-through and report any damage to items to the moving company that you hired.

Confirm termination/closure of old lease.

Transfer your insurance to the new location.

Update all accounting and payroll software.

Confirm press release.


A majority of the process when moving a business to Atlanta can be eliminated by hiring a full-service corporate moving company in Atlanta to help streamline the process. All My Sons of Atlanta can handle your business move from start to finish, with complete disassembly of office equipment and furniture, packing, transport, and reassembly at your new office location. Leave the breakdown, transport, and setup to us and focus on the business aspects of moving your corporate office to Atlanta.