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Increase the Curb-Appeal of your Home During Fall

Autumn brings cool air and still-warm soil, perfect for planting trees and shrubs for the fall season.  The pleasant weather also presents the ideal experience for planting outdoors. If you are moving to Atlanta during fall and have a vision of adding curb-side appeal to your new home, take advantage of the cooler temperatures and plant those fruit or nut trees that you have been putting off all year.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Atlanta have some helpful tips to landscaping your home during the fall season:

  1. Visit the local nursery. Local nurseries are the best places to purchase shrubs, trees, and even more exotic plants that are beloved in home gardens. Your local nursery will also have plants that are hardy to your region and the workers can also recommend tips for placement and maintenance. Although you may be planting for the fall, the season is the perfect time to buy summer plants on sale. If you have a green thumb and do not have a nursery near you, you can always buy certain plants and trees online.
  2. Be aware of the plants you select.  Before you choose a variety of plants that you would like to place in your garden, make sure that you know your landscaping layout and what your property will be able to support. Research the plants that you like and see if they will thrive in your state’s environment either year round or during particular seasons only. When you are coming up with your landscaping layout, make sure that you take into consideration the plants’ roots. You want to make sure that you give each plant ample space to be able to root into the foundation of the land. Make sure that you do not plant too close to sewer lines, as the roots can tap into the water source and cause harm to your home.
  3. If you plant trees check your soil quality. Laying down a layer of good soil is not going to solve your overall soil quality so make sure that you really work on the soil in your yard and stir it so that the trees that you are looking to plant are easily able to root deep down and become established. Make sure that the soil is moist and loose at the very bottom of the hole where you are planting your tree. Rule of thumb: dig a hole that is two to three times wider and deeper than your plant’s root ball.
  4. If your plant came in a container: you will need to promote root growth by breaking the root ball up from its container-formed shape. Tap or cut the roots, they will repair themselves and they will do so once they are set in the soil that you have gotten ready for them.
  5. Mulching. Mulching is important to consider for extra water conservation, which will help keep your plant fed.
  6. Extra maintenance should take place the first year. Once you have finished planting all of your fall plants and trees, you should water them A LOT throughout the first year. Water the soil at their foundations so that the water will seep all the way down to the roots.

Improving the curb appeal of your home is not only fun for first time homeowners, you can also make these updates before selling your home to increase your property value.