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How to Tip Your Moving Company

There are many components of a moving process. You’ve read all about the best packing hacks, you’ve played Tetris enough to know how to load a moving truck or you have the pros do it for you, and you’re great at delegating so unloading is a snap. What about when everything is said and the move is done? It’s time to tip your movers for their assistance but what amount is appropriate? Well, if money matters make you nervous and you feel a little lost on this subject, you have come to the right place. The local Atlanta movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage share a general guideline based on their experiences and offer their professional advice on how to tip your moving company.


Should I Tip My Movers?

If you are wondering if you should even tip your movers, the answer is always yes. You want to express your appreciation for the individuals who assisted with your relocation. Though you pay the moving company the price for their services, you don’t know how that money is distributed or allocated within the company. If you tip the movers assigned to you directly, you know exactly who benefits from your token of gratitude for all their help. Additionally, perhaps something unexpected came up and your movers specifically dealt with it in a professional and efficient manner, saving you hassle, the price of the service may not have increased, but their willingness to go above should be acknowledged with a tip.


How Much to Tip Your Mover

Understanding how much to tip your moving company can be confusing to calculate. You should definitely consider the cost of the moving services, whether or not there’s a tip automatically included in the price of the move or on the bill, and, of course, the quality of the service you received from the movers assigned to you. This is a good starting point to figure out how much tip your mover. Typically, people tip between 5% and 10% of the total moving cost. If the moving company as a whole delivered exceptional service and your professional moves went above and beyond to make sure your move went smoothly, you should tip a little bit more.


Tipping and Hospitality

Sometimes tipping your moving company means more than just handing them money. You can also do a little extra something for your movers, especially if it is going to be a long day. Offering your movers snacks and refreshments is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. They will not be expecting this, but it is a nice gesture to supply lunch and hydration station for the movers. Order a ring of deli sandwiches or order pizza. If you really want to do something thoughtful, invite the movers to take a break and crack open a beer as a reward after a long day. Of course, always make sure your movers are of age if you go this route.


Let the Atlanta residential movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage help with your relocation. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Atlanta movers for more information regarding our pricing and services. Remember how to tip your moving company for the great service they deliver!


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