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How to Pack Your Items to Put into Storage

The big day is quickly approaching- you are getting ready to move and gathering your packing products in Atlanta. You have decided to put some of your items in storage during the move to make your life a little easier- great! Our Atlanta moving and storage team can help you identify the most convenient storage unit location for your needs.

But once you identify the best storage unit facility, what’s the best way to pack for storage in Atlanta?  Follow this guide for easy packing and storage.

Make sure your items are sealed tight with good quality packing tape and packing products. Putting an item in storage means you will not be accessing it for a while. It can start to smell a little musty and you do not want that smell to get on your belongings. If you are packing antiques or collectible items that you need to keep in good condition, it would be wise to invest in a climate controlled unit. Again, make sure to pack your items up and seal them tight to keep them in the best condition possible.

For clothing, you want to store on hangers, use hanging wardrobe boxes to prevent wrinkling and damage to your clothes. It is easy to move these items from the closet to the box. You can also use these boxes to hang drapes, bedding, garden tools or garage items.

Most importantly, label your boxes to ensure you do not forget what you packed in each box. This way you do not have to unpack boxes to find a specific item. Mark your boxes that need to be handled with care or stacked a certain direction so you don’t forget and damage your items.

If you are storing power tools or yardwork supplies, make sure you empty the fuel tanks before packing them in your storage unit. Most facilities for storage in Atlanta will require you do this. This will prevent other items in your unit from adopting a fuel odor and protect your clothing and other items from being damaged in the case of a leak.

Take apart bed frames and similar items to keep your items as small as possible. Make sure you cover and pad your furniture with protective materials to keep them in good condition during their stay in storage.

There are various reasons to use storage in Atlanta, but there’s an art to effectively taking advantage of it. There are certain things that should be placed inside and some that shouldn’t go near it at all.

Have more questions about what you can and cannot store during a move or how to pack appropriately? Need to invest in some high-quality packing products in Atlanta? Contact your Atlanta Movers and Storage team at All My Sons today and we’ll offer our years of experience to help you have a successful moving experience.