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Choosing the right Athens movers can be a mission, but after finding the right moving company to trust with your belongings, how can you be sure your household items are safe in their hands? Checking your Athens movers license is a critical step to be sure you are in good hands. There are several companies throughout the United States that claim to be licensed and insured, until something happens and you find out you are on your own. Don’t let this happen to you! There are ways to check Athens moving companies’ licenses before selecting your final movers.

First off, let’s review what it means to be a licensed mover.

A licensed mover, is a moving company that has registered with the state within they are operating and received a license number. During the license registration process, your Athens movers have the option to elect which type of insurance they will have. Federal licensure applies to those Athens moving companies that plan on crossing state lines. If you are moving to or from Athens and will be entering or exiting Georgia, look for a company that is licensed for interstate moves.

Step 1: Retrieve the Athens movers license number

Every moving company operating in the United States receives a license number from the United States Department of Transportation. Depending on the state, in this case Georgia, there are several different requirements each company needs to meet to be granted a license to operate. After meeting each requirement and applying of the license, every moving company receives a mover’s license number, also known as their US DOT number.

Pro tip: You can find a moving company’s US DOT number on the side of a company moving truck or tractor.

Step 2: Verify the DOT Number

Verifying the authenticity of your Athens movers license is simple. Log onto the Department of Transportation website and look up the US DOT numbers of the Athens moving companies you are considering for your upcoming move. An added benefit to checking your Athens movers company’s US DOT number is that it will also pull up other information on the company. This will also provide you more information on the results of the company’s inspection and safety ratings within the last 2 years.

Step 3: Check for Reviews

After confirming your Athens movers are licensed, be sure to research additional reviews from customers before signing on. Customer reviews provide you with a better idea of how the company operates and how reliable they are. Moving is stressful and finding the right Athens movers can make your move a little less hectic.