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Hosting a NYE Party Like a Pro

The end of the year is shockingly already upon us, and it’s time to ring in the New Year. Now you have chosen to relocate to Atlanta; our dedicated Atlanta movers are here to share our tips for hosting a NYE party like a pro. It’s time to focus on decorating, picking the food and drink menu and partying like a pro.


How to Plan a New Year’s Eve Party

Before you can celebrate the new year in Atlanta, you must create a plan. The professional residential Atlanta movers have listed their best tips on how to plan a New Year’s Eve party in Atlanta.

1. Time

 While the date is decided already for your New Year’s Eve party, you must now decide on a time. This can be tricky since the ball doesn’t drop until midnight. Try to choose a time between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm, so your guests have ample time to get ready and prepare for the night.

2. Dress Code:

As you are planning on hosting a NYE party like a pro, you will want to choose the specific dress code. While we are sure your guests will want to be cozy pajamas after the holiday craze, you will want to implement a particular dress code, so everyone looks cohesive. You can pick between casual attire, a pajama party or even black-tie chic. Relay this information to your guests ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly.

3. Guest List:

Narrowing down the guest list can be tough, especially if you just downsized your home. Think about how many people can fit inside and outside your home comfortably. It’s also nice to invite your new neighbors to ring in the new year in style. You can also send out a courtesy invite to out of town guests who are most likely not going to attend, but it’s still a kind gesture.  


How Can I Make New Year’s Eve Fun at Home?

Now that you have a great game plan for your NYE party, our Atlanta local movers are here to share how to go the extra mile and make New Year’s Eve fun for your guests at home.

1. Theme:

If you are wondering how to make New Year’s Eve fun at home, you can start by creating a theme for your entire celebration. Your theme can also play into your dress code. Maybe you will choose a fancy and sophisticated theme or go a goofy route with funky wigs or costumes from specific decades. Put up decorations all over your Atlanta home to help reflect the party theme.

2. Food and Drinks: 

After you have chosen the dress code and theme, you can pick the menu for food and drinks. If you are having a more elegant evening, offer small bites that won’t stain your fancy clothes. Plan properly and think about which food and drink options will match the overall theme of your NYE party. Remember to offer nonalcoholic drinks for those who aren’t of legal age or are simply uninterested in drinking alcohol.

3. Activities: 

An excellent way to host a NYE party like a pro is through activities. Your guests will be arriving early and staying past midnight, so it’s best to keep them entertained. Music can help choose the tone for your party and provide your guests will an opportunity to let loose and dance the night away. Another great way to entertain your guests is through drinking games. Instead of playing a standard game of beer pong, swap it for champagne! You can also include card games and board games for those who are uninterested in drinking games.

You are now on your way to hosting a NYE party like a pro! If you have any further questions about relocating to Atlanta, please contact our team today. Our professional moving company wishes you a happy and healthy new year!