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Info On Home Warranties By The Atlanta Movers

According to an article on RealtyTimes.com, homes warranties are on the rise. In, 2009 existing homeowners fueled the increase while sales by realtors to sellers and buyers were the same. A home warranty is a residential contract giving the homeowner repair and replacement for major operating systems and appliances. Owning a home is very different than renting a place, you are in charge of every aspect of its maintenance and repairs from getting the grass landscaped to getting a plumber for one of the bathrooms that wouldn’t flush. Some repairs are more expensive than others, an electrical problem is more serious then repainting a part of the wall. A home warranty gives people a little bit of protection from these big bills, should anything go wrong. The Atlanta movers remind you that if you have a home warranty plan, then you’ll have a network of professionals in various fields at your fingertips. You would know they’re reliable and can do the job efficiently. You won’t have to start researching and sorting through bad plumbers to find one that has the knowledge to fix your problem.

According to the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC), a home warranty offers benefits for both home buyers and sellers. This home service contract includes repair or replacement of most major appliances in the home from heating to plumbing and electrical. You’ll have a toll-free number you can call for technical support and repair professionals. It gives comfort to the buyer and protects the seller and the Atlanta local movers say might even help you sell your home. The coverage is optional for structural components like the roof and swimming pool. And you can even transfer the home warranty from the owner to the new buyer.

You should have your repairs approved by your warranty company before calling for repairs. This will help ensure that you’re approved. If you had any improperly installed equipment or mismatched machinery or poorly maintained systems, you probably won’t be covered for that. Also, usually the outside perimeter of your home is not covered such as a plumbing problem in the yard.

The local Atlanta moving specialists remind you that you’ll have to know how to purchase a home warranty. Find out which government agency regulates home warranty companies in your state and check for complaint records. You can also pick a company that has been in business for a long time. Make sure to read it carefully so you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not.