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Home Luxuries for Less in Your Atlanta Home

While we can’t all afford the state of the art home or buy a new home as new amenities are made available, there are ways you can upgrade your existing home and indulge in a little luxury home extravagance. Here, we have a few pointers for jazzing up your home and channeling some of the hot luxury trends available in the Atlanta housing market.

Add a wine cooler. While some homes have rooms dedicated to storing and cooling hundreds of bottles of wine, you don’t need that kind of space to get the convenience and luxury of a wine cooler in your own home. Wine coolers come in a variety of sizes, and you can have one installed below the counter for about $800 which will store up to 50 bottles of wine. Smaller countertop ones are available for much less, in the $100 range. These commonly store about 12 bottles.

Upgrade the bathroom. A spa-like bathroom is an easy way to bring a sense of luxury into your space. Small touches like switching out the showerhead for a rain-style shower head is a nice and relaxing addition to your existing shower. These typically are installed from the ceiling in new homes, but you can simulate the style with an attachment available in hardware stores.

Home sound systems are a popular trend. While you might not have the ability to call from one room to the next or have a dedicated home theater, you can still install a killer sound system for about $1,000 for  a high quality system. Use it to entertain, watch movies, play music, and host sporting events.

A bar in your home. Few things are more common in luxury homes than a bar, whether its indoors or a swim up style, luxury homes are outfitted with the bells and whistles to have company over. Carve out a space where a bar can be installed and look at bar carts also as a solution for smaller spaces. Metal trimmed bar carts can be both luxurious and practical.

Add a fireplace. Here in Atlanta, we have our fair share of cold months. Thanks to new electrical developments in gas and electric fireplaces, you can add a fireplace without having to worry about a chimney. A simulated fireplace will still give off heat and have flames, and electric fireplaces are definitely a growing and sustained trend.

These upgrades will help you indulge in little luxuries commonly seen in today’s Atlanta luxury real estate market. Indulge in one, two, or all of these to help bring your home to a modern luxury state.