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Guide to Buying Furniture Online

Moving into your first home and need furniture? Want to move without having to bring any furniture with you? With the growing popularity of online shopping, now you can order all of your furniture online and once you arrive at your new residence – your new furniture can be there waiting for you. Atlanta movers know how expensive moving costs can be, so a little suggestion to consider: if your current pieces of furniture were not expensive, you can sell them and order new furniture online. After all, a new home is a new start and it deserves some new items to go along with it. Wary about purchasing furniture you have never seen? Atlanta movers have this short guide to buying furniture online…

  1. Double check the delivery fees. See if the distributer or store charges solely regular shipping fees, additional fees for out-of-state, or additional fees for heavier items. Shipping fees can affect whether or not the item is more or less expensive from that particular retailer versus another.
  2. If you are ordering anything that is upholstered, ask for the retailer to send you a swatch of the fabric and pattern. Oftentimes, colors and patterns can look completely different online than in person, so in order to avoid purchasing a large, expensive item that you do not like in person, requesting a swatch can prevent a mishap.
  3. Envision the piece in your home. Some online retailers, like West Elm and Anthropologie, have a virtual simulator where you can upload a photo of your living room and then add the photo of their couch, chair, or other furniture pieces to see how it would look in your home. You can also search for multiple photos of the same piece, set in different rooms and color schemes, to see if it will suit your home.
  4. Make a life-size sample. No, this does not mean make a couch by hand. Simply take the dimensions and cut a piece of cardboard to see how long and tall it would be in your room of choice. Wait! – your job is not done yet, you also need to see if your cardboard cutout will make it in your front door and up the stairs if that is what your home requires. Make sure your sample can be moved through the path a mover would be carrying it to the room of destination.
  5. Check the return policy. When buying furniture online, the majority of online retailers will not reimburse you for return shipping and will most likely remove a restocking fee from your refund total, so be sure to read the fine print on their return system / policy.