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Good Neighbor Next Door Program

According to Bankrate.com, The Federal Housing Administration is a offering a Good Neighbor Next Door program that allows you to get a home for a half of its current market rate. The program according to MSN is only for law enforcement officers, school teachers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians. To be eligible for the program that home has to be in the area they serve. You also have to find a house that’s part of the program and as of last week there was only one home in California, three in Texas but none in New York or Florida. The Atlanta movers found out that from October 2009, there were 446 Good Neighbor Next Door homes sold, compared with 2,223 homes in 2000.

The program works this way: A qualified buyer pays half of the home’s appraised value in either cash or through a loan with as little as no money down. If the home needs a few repairs, the local Atlanta moving specialists found out the qualified buyer can ask for a FHA-insured renovation mortgage. The discounted half is considered a no-interest, payment-free silent second mortgage that will be forgiven after the person lives in the house for three years. If they leave early though, the might have to pay back that second mortgage. After three years though, they cans sell the house and even keep the profit they make.

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