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Flooring that Can Make Your Home Sell Faster

If you are moving to Atlanta and trying to sell your home, one of the best home improvement projects that can serve as a return on investment, is replacing the flooring in a room that needs it. But, when it comes to flooring, there are numerous options. Atlanta moving companies have come up with a short list of the best flooring options to add buying appeal to your home.

Hardwood Floors

Although hardwood may be pricey, it is worth the money. Hardwood floors always make a home sell faster, as long as they are maintained and are not buckling. Revamping a room in your home that has dingy carpet, by replacing it with hardwood floors, instantly adds value and makes the room much more beautiful. Contractors and home estimators say that hardwood floors have a ROI of 100%, so you will see this money again when it comes time to sell your home.


Arguably the most popular type of flooring, tile offers the most versatility out of all flooring options. It is easier to clean, easier to maintain, visually attractive, can compliment any color scheme and pattern, and still flatter while being covered with an area rug. Tile is also versatile in the sense that you can choose what material you would like it to be made of: stone, ceramic, travertine, granite, mosaic, or porcelain.


Vinyl is inexpensive, yet can look beautiful. Vinyl is the perfect option for homeowners who cannot afford real hardwood floors, but still want the appeal. Vinyl flooring that mimics hardwood does not have as high of a ROI, but is still appealing to buyers because it will be cheaper to fix and maintain.  

Area Rugs

Once you do install beautiful tile, vinyl, or hardwood floors, a decorative area rug that is pleasant to walk on, can be a major attraction when selling your home. If you do not think that you can afford to replace the flooring in your home, an area rug could also be a great way to cover up any imperfections while potential buyers are doing walk-throughs of your home.  When guest step onto the soft, squishy feel of an area rug, they instantly feel warmer and that your home is a gentler atmosphere.

Along with these great options for flooring, there are also flooring options that can decrease the value of your home, such as linoleum and carpet. Most home buyers would prefer a home with tile or hardwood floors that are easier to clean, rather than linoleum that is cheap and tacky, and carpet that their children or pets will destroy. Regardless of the flooring option that you choose, new flooring can add value to your home, since an overwhelming majority of home buyers will not even think about purchasing a home that needs new floors.