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Five Ways to Reduce Stress during a Move

Local Atlanta movers All My Sons make a business out of helping people move. We have seen it all and fixed problems of all kinds. We have witnessed people during arguably one of the most stressful times of their lives. But, there are ways to reduce stress during a move. With our years of experience, All My Sons has put together a detailed list on how to reduce stress as much as possible for you during this chaotic time.

Hire local Atlanta movers – There really is no better way to reduce stress during a move than to hire professionals to take care of all the tedious packing, lifting, and moving. Sure it comes at a price, but you’ll find that you really can’t put a price on piece of mind. The more you invest in your time the more you’ll see it’s worth it. Just ask yourself how much an hour of your time is worth and add up how long it takes to pack, load, transport, off load and unpack. You’ll quickly find that local Atlanta movers like those at All My Sons are a good option.

Stay organized – People are creatures of habit and control. Most of us like to know that we are in control of any situation. That’s why moving is one of the most stressful times in most peoples’ lives. It’s not your fault, you are only human. The more you stay ahead of the game, and the more you remain in control, the better you’ll feel. If you ever relinquish control, make sure you have hired professionals. Friends are great, but that can add an entirely different level of stress to the situation.

Prioritize – One of the best ways to reduce stress during a move is to know where your priorities are. If you have trouble staying level headed in chaotic situations, or if you find that it becomes difficult to make decisions when you feel overwhelmed, think of your priorities ahead of time. Have a mental list, or even a physical list of what’s important and in what order. Keep that on hand and in times of doubt, refer to it. Our local Atlanta movers have their priorities set with every move as well - and your belongings are the priority.

Self-time – It’s good to keep track of your own feelings. You are probably more tired, more overwhelmed, and more frustrated than you might even realize. Take some time at the end of every day and put aside all worries. They will be there tomorrow morning. Take this time to unwind. Walk through your new house, stroll around the new neighborhood, or hit the streets and try find some great spots to eat in your new home. Keep the sense of adventure alive when you move and you will find that not only does this reduce stress during a move, but you’ll feel more a part of your new surroundings.

Say goodbye – Although sad, make sure you say your goodbyes before you leave. There’s nothing worse than leaving loose ends behind. Take the time to call friends or even throw a goodbye dinner. Say your goodbyes and make plans to see each other again after you get settled.