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How to Find a Job in a New City

Moving to a new city is a big step in life. It can be scary, and exciting, and bittersweet, and exhilarating all at the same time. One thing that is a stone cold fact is that you are going to need a job. Unless you are going to live with your spouse, or you are a trust fund baby, you are going to need a job. Finding a job in a city that you are not a resident of can be quite difficult, but with copious amounts of patience and a little bit of perseverance, you can find the job that is right for you.

First things first, the most important thing to do is research the city in which you want to move. It’s important to have a good idea of where things are, what the climate is, have a good feel for what the culture is like. One thing that would be even better would be to take a trip there and explore. You can learn a lot online and through friends, but there is something about every city that you just can’t learn from the internet. If you can make this exploratory trip to your possible future home, it would be a good idea to have a few copies of your resume on hand. That way, with the research that you did before you made it on your trip, you can give companies that you know are hiring your resume.

One place to visit on your trip would be a local college’s career center. Even if you didn’t attend college at that school, some schools are willing to help people that are new to the area, and they know everything there is to know about who is hiring and who is not, who is looking for a person with your set of skills, and so on.

If employers are interested in you, and they are looking to set up an interview, it is important to inform them that you are from out of town, and give them a date of when you should be back in town, or when you will be there permanently. It is very important to keep potential employers in the loop about the status of your move, for they are depending on you to do something, and if you don’t do it it does not look good on you. A second trip to your desired city is a good idea so that you can attend interviews and finalize any plans that you have made.

Moving to Atlanta, or any other city, and looking for a new job can be scary. But with a lot pf preparation, and even more communication, things can go quite smoothly. One thing that will set you apart from other candidates is to tell your employer that you do not need them to cover the relocation services. This shows them that you are dedicated to the move, but you are not depending on them to make it happen. Keep in mind that communication, preparation, and research are your new best friends.