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Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center

Chances are, if you don’t live in Atlanta you most likely do not know about the Woodruff Arts Center; unless, you are an arts fanatic.  The Woodruff Arts Center is one of the largest arts centers in the entire world, and one of the only of its kind in the United States. What makes it so unique? This arts center features both visual and performing arts on a single campus, and is home to the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and High Museum of Art. However, if you are moving to Atlanta, and even if you currently live in Atlanta, there are so many secrets to Woodruff (the arts center’s nickname) that most people do not know; Atlanta movers can help you uncover those secrets.

  1. CREATE ATL, a new initiative of the museum, was created in order to make the arts and art education more accessible to Atlanta families who previously lacked the opportunity. As part of a $6.6 million grant, families throughout Atlanta can enjoy CREATE ATL every Sunday. CREATE ATL features live music, play areas, theater performances, story time and much more for families.
  2. You can get married at Woodruff. If you and your significant other are moving to Atlanta, love the arts and are looking for the ultimate wedding venue, you can rent space at Woodruff for your wedding or any event.
  3. Woodruff sells trinkets. Gift shops can be found at ASO and High Museum, and offer a variety of unique trinkets for music and art lovers.
  4. Alliance Theatre has more than one stage. When residents visit Alliance Theatre, they are familiar with the large 770-seat stage. However, Atlanta movers want new residents to have a leg up over current residents; check out the other two stages at Alliance Theatre. Hertz Stage seats 200 guests for a more intimate theater experience, and you can take your children to see a show in Black Box Theatre, which seats 65.
  5. Alliance@Work can help you project. Improve your presentation skills at this class, it only costs $250 and runs from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  6. 35-years-old and below receive discounts. Moving to Atlanta and are under the age of 35? You can purchase a special pass at Woodruff, called an Access Pass, for less than that of the standard ticket holder. $155 will get you unlimited theater access for the season, along with $25 guest passes.
  7. You can go on a date to the Symphony. The ASO’s “Dinner and a Concert” is the perfect way to take a break from unpacking your moving boxes and have a date night! Purchase one ticket to enjoy a dinner-for-two at a selected nearby restaurant, and then make your way to the evening’s show.
  8. AYSO could be your kid’s dream. If your move to Atlanta was filled with your child’s beautiful singing, take them to see the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra Series to see if it would be something that they are interested in joining.
  9. Second Sunday Fundays. The second Sunday of each month is Sunday Funday for families at the High Museum of Art Atlanta. The museum’s family Sunday Funday is filled with family art activities and programs.

10.  On Friday nights High Museum is the place to be. What better way to make new friends one you move to Atlanta, other than by spending a Friday evening at High Friday Nights at the museum? Enjoy half-priced bottles of wine at Table 1280, free gallery talks, live-model drawings and the Friday Night Music Remix at half-price.