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Easy Decorating Tips for Your Atlanta Home

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of decorating your new home or apartment? OurAlpharetta movers can help you get your home just the way you want it with a few easy steps. Take the pressure and anxiety out of decorating by utilizing our six decorating tips today!

Find your individual style. Some people consider their taste to be minimalistic and modern, while some gravitate towards bohemian décor or a more traditional and lived-in look. Nailing down what style you are going for will be quite helpful when it comes time to pick our décor items.

With that said, don’t limit yourself to one style! Maybe you like a modern bathroom and a cozy living room. This will push you towards metal bathroom accessories and plush, textured living room items. Think of what vibe you want to evoke in each room and stay focused on the ideal looks you want to create.

Find your inspiration. Whether it’s a fashion label, an interior decorator, a foreign city, an artist—take whatever inspires you and apply it to your home and interior décor style. You can even build an inspiration board and pull colors, prints, fabrics, and model rooms that you want to imitate in your own home. Some people also look into their closets for inspiration. Why? If you think about it, your closet is filled with clothing that you love, and likely with colors that you gravitate towards. What better way to decorate your personal space?

Think off of the grid. Going to garage sales, flea markets, and auctions can be a great way to find furniture for less than what you would pay at the store. Plus, you can find items that are vintage, one of a kind, and assembled and ready to use! Don’t knock markets until you try them.

When it comes to flea markets and antique fairs, remember that when you get there matters. Show up early to take advantage of the best items and beat the rush. Remember to have cash on you for purchases and also go with a clear idea of areas of your house that need a little something. For example, if you have a full set of furniture in the living room already, don’t blow money on a coffee table or loveseat that you don’t have room for. Don’t get caught up in the rush of antiquing!

Spend big on show-stopping pieces. Whether it is artwork, a table, or some amazing oversized statement mirror, spend more on pieces that can truly transform your home into what you want. While you might be able to find a less expensive version down the road at some point, go with your initial intuition and buy what inspires you. It will totally be worth the extra expense.