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Designing a Great Room

The task of decorating a great room is a challenge that many homeowners and renters face at some point or another. One of the most efficient ways to visualize decorating is by imagining a few statement pieces that you want in the room. Our Alpharetta movers, want to help you create a dramatic room that is high impact with a few of our expert decorating tips.

Great rooms can be tough when there is a lot of space to fill and not enough to fill them with. Think of large scale items and define what will take place in the room. Segment the room into activity areas, whether it’s for reading in a big armchair or a few seats for hosting guests and having snacks and delighting over conversation. Break the room down and it will be less overwhelming than trying to fill one huge room with a single floor layout.

Once you have the purpose(s) of the room defined, work from the ground up at filling it in. Area rugs (large ones) are great and can be spread out with areas of hard floor peeking through. Several rugs will be an easy and effective way at zoning out the room but still looking cohesive.

After you have determined what will go on the floors, take your attention to the ceiling and consider lighting. Great rooms need bold and powerful lighting, and whether you choose to disperse it throughout the room and at what extent is totally up to you. Large light fixtures create the illusion of lower ceilings, which can accomplish what many are looking for in their great room—making it a cozy place. Closing the sightline will help bring a warmth to a large room.

Never underestimate the power of a good mirror. Mirrors reflect light and play off of natural brightness for an effect that actually draws people in. Large floor length mirrors can be great at both filling void space and evoking a sense of togetherness. A caveat on mirrors: they reflect what’s directly across from them, so be cautious of what is positioned in the mirror’s reflection.

See the room from a different point of view. Provide the eye with visual stimulation at varying levels throughout the room—everything does not have to be at a similar height! Floral arrangements, books stacked and other visual tricks help to offer more to the room than what is plain and unadorned.

Group furniture strategically. Have ample seating surrounding the coffee table as a designated place to hang out, and pull furniture away from the walls to create cozy mini rooms within the room. Take advantage of the big wall space and open layout by decorating with larger than life size art work and furniture. Large scale pieces out of your budget? With artwork, you can group a cluster of smaller works to give off the look of one big artistic focus.