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How to Deal with Difficult Roommates

There are many reasons people have roommates. They can offer companionship and help with expenses. Unfortunately, just like any relationship, roommates can become difficult. Often times, because they are a necessity in your life, you need to find ways to deal with these difficulties on a daily basis to avoid being unhappy with your living arrangement. If you are moving to Atlanta with roommates, there are some scenarios which might arise and become stressful.

The first step to resolving your troubles with your roommate is to determine what you are having a problem with. Write a list of things that bother you. Look over the list and determine what the most important issues are and some reasons why. Some issues may be out of pure preference, while others like keeping the noise levels down at night may be necessities.

Set up an uninterrupted meeting with your roommate. Tell them what exactly bothers you. Everyone has different expectations and our roommate may not even know that these issues were bothering you. Let your roommate express any of their issues. Be sure to write these down too, to be clear about these needs when brainstorming solutions. Be careful to keep a respectful and nonjudgmental attitude.

After everything is cleared up and expectations have been written down, developing some resolutions is key. Brainstorm ideas to get to a middle ground. Often times compromise means settling for the next best strategy. A common issue can be that you like the dishes to be clean and your roommate could care less, yet your roommate likes the bathroom to be clean. You can set up an agreement that you do the dishes and she cleans the bathroom. Write down your agreements and set up a list of rules, then post them in clear sight.

Setting up the agreement is not the only step in assuring its success. Set up penalties if compromises get broken. If your roommate doesn’t clean the bathroom this week and you have been cleaning dishes all week, she might have gotten caught up and will do it the next week. Everyone gets distracted sometimes. Be sure that there isn’t a pattern to her procrastination. If it happens the second week, they can make up for it by vacuuming or running an errand. If you find that your roommate doesn’t have the time, a monetary plan can be put in place, like paying more per month for the chores you have overtaken.

Negotiations can be a great way to achieve harmony in your home. If you still have issues after a few unsuccessful attempts, determine a way out. One option may be to find another roommate situation. You or your roommate can move out and find a more suitable arrangement. Chances are if you are frustrated, they may be as well. Getting some time away from your roommate can help with your decision. Arrange to be home when they are not or spend time elsewhere to find a resolution. The ultimate resolution may be to break the lease. You can talk to your landlord for options if your roommate isn’t helping.