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Cut Clutter: One Room at a Time

Clutter is a sneaky, sneaky thing. One minute you've cleaned out a drawer, and a week later you've got a motley collection of paperclips, mail, and catalogs that have accumulated. Thankfully, your friends at the Atlanta movers are going to help you cut clutter and keep it at bay--one room at a time!

One of the most discouraging parts of cleaning can be the sense that it is overwhelming. Between cabinets, bedrooms, bathrooms and closets, there's so much to be done. That's why we want to give you a starting off point and manage a way to dedicate a little elbow grease around the house without feeling like your days are spent cleaning away rather than enjoying your space, and more importantly, your life!

Organizational shelving, compartments and other tricks are essential to keeping clutter under control. When everything has its place, there isn't room for extra hang-arounds! Check out shelving systems and functional furniture that offers compartmentalized storage and hidden drawers to keep things off of the countertops and neatly tucked away.

Make it a game. Give yourself about 15-20 minutes in a room to pick up and organize as much as you can. While you may not get the room spic & span, you have at least made progress. Progress is the motivation to counteract the overwhelming discouragement we mentioned earlier.

Don't be quiet about it. Play music, sing and dance as you sweep and organize. By associating cleaning with things you enjoy, such as a favorite song, you will begin to associate some of those positive vibes towards cleaning. The best part of this "fun" cleaning is it is something that your children will also pick up on. If you instill good vibes with cleaning at an early age, you'll have a child who's ready to clean and won't look at it with such strong discord.

Best of luck, and enjoy your clutter free, clean home!