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Concealing Office Cords in a Cool Way

There is nothing worse than walking into a beautifully decorated office space and have your eyes immediately drawn to cords hanging everywhere. Atlanta is a major commercial hub for the southeastern United States, which means that year-round people are relocating to Atlanta to secure a job at one of the major corporations that call Atlanta home.

Whether you are moving to Atlanta and want to keep your home office cord free, or if you are an employer who wants to start hiding ugly office wires, here are some hacks on how to hide computer cords in an innovative and cool way.

  1. Cover the cord in a pattern. Easily one of Home Depot’s coolest items on the shelves is their duct tape with funky patterns. From tape covered in macaroni patterns to the illusion of glitter, you can wrap the cords to your office appliances so that they are as equally trendy as your office decorations. Instead of hiding ugly office wires, let your office wires add some cool factor to your office.
  2. The Magical Black Hole. Yes, there are office cubicles that have a circular hole in the middle of them for you to shove your cords down nicely. But what can you do when your shoes are constantly getting tangled in the mess that is hanging by your feet? The easiest solution is to hang a piece of black cloth behind the lower part of your desk for hiding ugly office wires. Now, no one will see the cords and it won’t look like you did anything at all.
  3. No Cords at All. If you have a home office or your office is interested cutting cords, ditch the cords and go wireless with your keyboard, mouse, and anything else that offers a wireless option. The less wires, the better!
  4. Clamped Cords. If you have no way to hide computer cords or other wires in your office, you can simply clamp all the cords together so that they look more organized. Our Atlanta movers suggest achieving this by using binder clips or even the patterned duct tape from option 1.
  5. Basket Case. Create a storage space for your cords. Just take a shoe box, hat box, or basket with a lid to create a storage box for all your office cords and wires. Make sure that you have the lid for that box and puncture holes on each end of the box to string the cords through. Your cords have a place to rest and your floor will be clear of wires. You can also label your cords with that colorful duct tape, so you know exactly which cord is for what office item.
  6. Wire Duct. If you’d rather not take the time involved in hiding ugly office wires, there are other options you can purchase. You can buy wire ducts in different color options online to hide ugly office cords. Wire ducts can be purchased in colors that match your office, offering a sleek solution for how to hide computer cords.

When it comes to hiding ugly office wires, there are plenty of solutions that can help you create a more organized look and feel for your office. Whether you go the “do-it-yourself” route or the purchase route, you’ll be happier without the wires cluttering your office!