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Have a Sparkly Clean Atlanta Home

So you have signed your lease or mortgage, and you now want to make this space a home. What you see is boxes still packed, with dust and dirt rampant. Cleaning a brand new home is time consuming, and can be overwhelming. If you decide you want help cleaning before you unpack, you have a few options available to choose from. Before doing your search for the perfect home cleaner, make a list of your expectations. Do you want a general first clean, or a detailed first clean? Do you want help cleaning rooms and floors or sanitizing cabinets, drawers, and closets as well? Keep in mind some companies charge a flat move in fee, some by the hour, some by the hour per person, and some by the amount of work to be done. Depending on the amount of work a total first time cleaning can range from $150 to $400 or more.

If you decide the cost is worth the help, you have a few valuable ways to find good help. You can start with asking neighbors, friends in the area, check community bulletins, or do a local online search. You can choose to go with a large company or a solo entrepreneur. There are benefits and disadvantages to both, but there are a few important rules go by no matter the size or the business.

  1. Know your expectations, and budget.
  2. Ask for 3 references, and make sure the home cleaning service provider has documentation of being insured and bond. You can also check the ID of the person in your home.
  3. Ask for an in-site estimate.
  4. Assess whether you need cleaning weekly, bi-monthly, or just one time.
  5. Understand the contractual terms. Some companies fine you for cancellations, others only if not enough notice was given in advance, and some do not charge you, but may drop your business if you are inconsistent.
  6. Speak up if you would like a task done better, or differently.

If you decide to stay with the services, set up a schedule that will allow for the time needed for the services to be done. If you have an erratic schedule and are not comfortable with people in your home while you are away, you can ask someone to come in on per diem basis.

Depending on your budget, you can weigh the schedule and frequency of cleaning to your available funds. Maybe you want your house cleaned every week but overall most companies give you a high price. You can schedule for cleaning to be done once a month, and do in-between jobs yourself. Keep in mind that some companies charge by the hour regardless of the amount of items you have on your surfaces, while others charge a flat rate after estimate. Keep in mind how much time it takes you to clean your house thoroughly, if you have tried, and it will give you an idea of how long it will take the person. Every company values their time differently, and just because they charge more doesn’t mean they clean better. Prices of ranges for a bimonthly cleaning schedule can go from 80 to 200+.

You can ask for extra services depending on the company or person. They may put away dishes, fold laundry, or even feed your pet. This is not standard but negotiable for an extra fee. There are some warning signs of poor service:

  1. Reachable areas such as the floor under sofas are not cleaned or vacuumed.
  2. Shiny surfaces consistently have smudge marks.
  3. You feel you are training the cleaner more than enjoying their work.
  4. The cleaner is often late, or has canceled more than once in a year.
  5. The person is unprofessional, or says unsolicited personal comments about your home.

Overall it is important to communicate. If you are not comfortable with an aspect of your cleaning person, or the job they do, you should ask them to change it or find a company that will do a better job. Some people leave pennies under areas that they believe may be overlooked, just to see if the person cleans there, while other people check in on the work during the cleaner’s stay. If you have a surveillance system you are already one step ahead. The job of a house cleaner is to make your home easier to manage, and free up your time. Enjoy your new, clean Atlanta home!