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Cheap Halloween Decorations for your New Atlanta Home

Moving to Atlanta can be pretty expensive and it may leave your funds dwindling when it comes to being able to purchase fall décor. With Halloween at your doorstep, you don’t have to splurge on Halloween décor. In fact, the Atlanta movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have simple DIY, cheap Halloween decorations that you can make out of items in your home that you most likely already have. Don’t let your move to Atlanta hinder you from making your new home the spookiest house on the block, check out these Halloween décor ideas!

  1. Milk jug lanterns. Pumpkins are not expensive, but when you are looking for Halloween decorations to fill the outside of your home, having to purchase 20 pumpkins can get pricey. If you have a family, you most likely drink milk, so instead of tossing your gallon milk jugs in the trash, Atlanta movers suggest creating faces on the front of the jugs by using a permanent marker. Then, fill them with your holiday LED lights and line them along the walkway to your front door. This is an easy, inexpensive Halloween DIY project that looks a lot more expensive than expected.
  2. Paint figurines black and red. Although you may have downsized a lot of your belongings before you moved to Atlanta, there may have been a lot of small trinkets or figurines that happened to make the move. As you were unpacking you realized they could have been tossed, then you are in luck! Simply spray paint them black and make the eyes red, and voila! – spooky Halloween décor to display in your new home. Cat figures are the perfect candidates for this craft.
  3. Wine bottles and glass jars. If you have empty wine bottles, mason jars, or random glass jars, you can purchase orange spray paint and coat them. Then, use a black sharpie to draw scary faces on them, creating glass jack-o-lanterns. Display your homemade, DIY Halloween décor in your living room, dining room, or small glass jars can be used in the bathroom as festive cotton ball or Q-tip holders for quests.
  4. Tin can luminaries. Tin can luminaries are a favorite among Atlanta movers, as it is an idea that has been around for decades, but most people don’t think about this project when it comes time for Halloween. Perhaps the most important part of this project is to fill the tin cans with water and freeze them; this will allow you to drill holes in the can without the metal bending. Then, spray paint them black, put a candle in them or lights, and place or hang them wherever you choose. Punching out words like “Trick” or “Treat” is a great idea.
  5. Lampshade shadows. Cut out Halloween shapes like bats or spiders and paste them on the inside of a lamp shade. Turn the light on and you instantly give a spooky boost to your living room or bedroom lamps.
  6. Ghost garland. Since most homeowners typically have Christmas lights, hang a strand of Christmas lights in a tree, around your front door, or up on the front of your new home and place small white cloths over each light. Then, use small rubber bands to cinch the cloth around the light and draw eyes and a nose with a permanent marker for little ghosts hanging around the house.