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Car Games to Play While Moving

No one likes to move long-distance, especially your kids. We have all heard of car games that include finding a “yellow car” or a “hummer” and then being the first to yell it out. Or, how about the famously painful games “Slug a Bug” and “Bruiser Cruiser.” And we have all heard of the billboard game where you find words that start with sequencing letters of the alphabet, until you make it through A-Z.

Luckily, it is the 21st century and newer generations have created even cooler car games! In order to save yours and your children’s sanity while moving long-distance to Atlanta, local moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage has come up with a laundry list of car games to play while moving.

License Plate Games:

-          License Plate Sentences: If you are moving to Atlanta and happen to get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, play the license plate game where you make up a word for each letter on the license plate and find a way to mix in the numbers. Use the space between the two combinations of letters and numbers as a wildcard. Ex. (UCC 32B) U-ugly C-Christmas C-cookies with 32 B-burns.

-          Vanity Plate Game: Another license plate car game to play while moving and stuck in traffic (or not) is to search for vanity plates – specialty plates that spell a word or phrase.

-          Spot the Out-of-State Plate: during your entire long-distance move, try to find a license plate for each state. Once you find one for a state, that state cannot be mentioned again.

Unique Car Games:

-          Focus/Poke-us, Blazer/Gazer, Equinox/Box, Neon/Pee-on, Viper/Sniper, and Wrangler/Strangler: All newer versions of “Slug a Bug” and “Bruiser/Cruiser,” but a little less painful. In fact, the last three are simply rhyming games that you and your family can create with each type of vehicle you encounter while moving to Atlanta.

-          Counting Cows: The United States is full of cows and if you are moving to Atlanta, you are likely to pass a ton of them along the way to your new home. For this game, the entire family counts the amount of cows they see during the trip. However, the trick is to distract your other family members from seeing the cows, so that you get the points and win.

-          Hay Truck Wishes: This game is simple – if a hay truck passes you, make a wish. But careful! You cannot look back at the hay truck or your wish won’t come true.

Traditional Car Games:

-          Alphabetical Trip: One of Atlanta movers’ favorite car games to play while moving, alphabetical trip is when one family member starts the age-old sentence of “I’m going on a trip and I’m going to bring ___” and names something with the letter “A.” The next person completes the sentence with the letter “A” item and then adds a letter “B” item, and the game continues until someone cannot remember the entire list. The last person to say the entire list accurately wins the game.

Moving should be a fun and happy time. After all, who doesn’t love a new home and a new area with so much to explore? Make moving easier on not only your children, but yourself as well, by turning your move into a fun bonding time. All My Sons’ list of car games to play while moving is one sure fire way to keep your family entertained while moving long-distance.