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6 Bold and Colorful Decorating Risks

Ever look through a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and see beautifully decorated living rooms, dining rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and master bedrooms that only exist in your dreams? What most homeowners don’t realize is that your decorating dreams can be a reality. In fact, as much as you may be under the impression that this type of decorating has to be pricey, it can actually be very affordable. Atlanta moving companies want residents to love their homes, and Atlanta is all about style! Make a lasting impression on your family and guests, with these 6 bold and colorful decorating risks you have to take!

1) Don’t forget about the ceiling.
A new trend is to paint the ceiling a bold color, rather than painting an accent wall. Another new trend – ceiling wallpaper. In order to vamp up a boring room, go lighter on the walls, light on the floors, and then bold on the ceiling and adorn a modern chandelier. Voila! A bold, yet simple fix to add style to any room in your home.

2) Rugs.
Sure, carpet may be going out of style, but give your feet a treat and buy a bold shag rug to add flair to a boring bedroom or bathroom.

3) Don’t skimp on prints.
You probably noticed in the home décor magazines you were gawking over, that designers use a lot of prints. This may be scary for you to try, but after you dabble around with patterns for a little while, you will get the hang of it, and eventually, be a pattern mixing pro! One tip: don’t mix pastels with brights, stick to hues of the same tone.

4) Mix-it-up with furniture.
 Furniture is an easy way to allow a room to make a statement, it can even serve as a focal point in the room. Entirely matching furniture sets can be expensive and, well…boring. Find bright furniture separates that complement each other, but still have unique, creative character. Most people opt for furniture that is neutral and dress it with color, but how about you try the exact opposite? If you fill the rooms in your home with furniture you actually love, rather than pieces that are cookie-cutter, you will be surprised at how nicely they can just come together.

5) Doors need color too.
Perhaps one of the best ways to brighten up the colors in your home and really take a bold and colorful decorating risk, is by adding color where color is most due – on doors and door frames. Typically, when home owners decide to paint doors, it’s usually the front door. However, you can paint your master bedroom door, your kids’ doors, or for an even bigger statement, just paint the frames a really bright color.

6) Accent walls.
Accent walls have been around for a long time, but they have recently had a makeover. In fact, wallpaper has come back in style. For an even bigger impact, use painter’s tape and paint large chevrons on your accent wall. Black and white vintage patterned wallpaper is also a popular choice.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with décor in your home.  Bold and colorful decorating risks are the types of risks that you should take, and some of them can even save you money, by purchasing vintage pieces rather than new, modern, dull sets. Turn your home into the dream homes you see in magazines and take a chance with colors!