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Things to Pay Attention to Besides Location

Often in the real estate world you hear people obsess over “location, location, location.” But that is not all you should factor into your home buying decision! There are a slew of other factors that can make a huge impact on your experience. The Atlanta movers have a few buying tips to ensure you love your new home.

Look for natural light and a room with a view. An open layout is crucial to feeling like your apartment is just right, and natural light streaming in will lift your mood and create a pleasant glow. Views that involve a river, a park, a bridge and other serene scenes will make you happy to be home and look outside.

High ceilings are important. There is an expression about the “walls closing in on you,” and low ceilings can make that feeling all the more real. Look for high ceilings of at least 14 feet.

Storage space is valuable. Older homes are notorious for having small storage areas, and that can get quite frustrating if you have a lot of items out of season or bulky pieces like athletic equipment. While you might not have clutter, having things in general can fill up small cabinets and closets pretty quickly.

Check out the windows. Your windows are responsible for a lot of heating and cooling, and they should be double pane, properly insulated, and protect your home from outside noise. New windows that are well made and properly installed will also have a significant impact on your utility usage and bill.

In-unit laundry facilities. Having a washer and dryer in your condo or apartment is an essential convenience that you probably will not appreciate properly until you are forced to go without. 

Research the building. Are residents happy? In today’s age, you can easily research on social media and other places to find out if you are going to have a pleasant experience living in the potential building. What is the age and demographic of residents? Young residents and renters might be loud, messy, and have little respect for the building.

These are just a few things to factor in when it comes time to select a condo in Atlanta. Other important recommended things to research are the parking situation and the amenities. Some places give you one assigned parking spot even if there are two residents, which means you need to check out the guest parking availability or nearby free parking, or potentially purchase a second spot.

Good luck on your search and on moving to Atlanta!