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Avoid Moving Brokers When Searching for a Moving Company

You’ve been house hunting for over a year and then it happens…you settle on a house and you make an offer that gets approved. Now you have to set a moving date and find which local moving company has the best rate. When searching online for an Atlanta moving company, you may come across the term “moving broker”, and you should be informed what this means.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Atlanta wants you to know that a moving broker is a company that will help you find a moving company, but they are not a moving company themselves.

If you are searching online for local moving company rates, you may stumble upon numerous websites that offer free moving quotes, comparing competitive moving companies to one another; these are moving brokers.

If you come across a moving broker online, you want to avoid them. A moving broker website will often give you quotes that are not accurate quotes and you cannot be sure which moving company the broker is quoting for. When you are moving, you also should not exactly be looking for whoever will give you the cheapest rate; what you end up saving on your move you will end up spending when the cheap moving company that you hire is not careful with your belongings and breaks or loses them.

Do you need a moving broker? No.

The only reason to continue to use a moving broker site is if they give you detailed company information; such as: the moving company’s full name, DOT number, and contact information that you can then use to do your own research.  

An online moving broker may seem like a great way to save time not having to do the research yourself, but like stated previously, spending the extra time researching local moving companies thoroughly, will help you make the best decision for who to hire.

Many homeowners may not know what a moving broker is and may think that they can save them money, but this is not the case. If you call your local moving companies and discuss pricing one-on-one, you may find that you can negotiate with them a little bit. You can even let them know that you have been doing a lot of research and that All My Sons Moving & Storage of Atlanta, located just down the street from them, quoted you a better price that includes full-service packaging, moving, and storage.

The biggest problem with using a moving broker is that they are not responsible for anything that happens during your move. Once you hire a moving company through their site, the moving company will pay the moving broker and then they are relieved of their responsibility to you. In the likely case that the moving company then decides to charge you more than what the moving broker quoted, it will not be the broker’s fault and there will be nothing that you can do, even though you hired the moving company based off of the rate that the broker gave you.

Make sure that you always hire your mover directly. Do your research, ask plenty of questions, negotiate, check their qualifications, and check to see if they have any bad reviews. Hire based off of the information that you have found out, rather than from the “great deal” a broker offered you online.