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Atlanta's Top 5 Haunted Houses

It’s October and you know what that means? HALLOWEEN is right around the corner!

Atlanta, Georgia is home to some of the BEST haunted houses in the country! Atlanta celebrates holidays in a big way and during the month of October it is Halloween fever! The big city is home to the most extravagant professional haunted houses in the industry, and although dozens of them can be found, these haunted houses take the pumpkin as the Top 5!

1. Netherworld:

Featured on the Travel Channel, CNN, and dozens of other national media venues, Netherworld Haunted House is the number one Halloween attraction in Atlanta. Starting the very first week of October, tickets are $20 and include BOTH of Netherworld’s current shows: SPLICED and Season of the Witch. According to their website fearworld.com, recent investigations concluded that there is actual paranormal activity that takes place in the house on top of the decorated spooks for show. But is the investigation and report just for show? Experience it for yourself and find out.

2. 13 Stories:

Intentionally creating as much fear as possible, 13 Stories plays on an urban legend that somewhere in the United States is a 13-story haunted house that is so dangerous, no one has been able to make it through.  Featuring two haunted houses, tours include “in your face terror” where guests must sign a waiver before entering. Tickets at 13 Stories range from $25 to $45 if you choose special up-charges.

3. Chambers of Horror:

Celebrating its sixth year, this extreme torture-based house of horror is only available to adults 18 and up. Torture Co’s laboratories are The South East’s only adult-themed haunted attraction. You can also sip on creepy cocktails at The Splatter Lounge that is attached to the house in order to numb the pain that you are about to experience. Tickets range from $17 to $45.

4. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse:

This unique thriller is different than the typical walk-through haunted house. At this attraction you have to put in some work in order to survive. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse drops you into the action, forcing you to run, climb, hide, and scramble for safety as you make your way through abandoned buildings and outdoor areas in order to escape a diseased zombie attack. The attack only costs $25 per person.

5. Fright Fest:

Snickers and Six Flags Over Georgia hosts this walk-through event. Daytime events cater to younger children while the evening festivities gear towards teens and adults. Fright Fest is included in regular park admission with a slight upcharge for the walk-through haunted house and “buried alive” encounter known as The Last Ride.

Moving to Atlanta before Halloween? If you and your family or friends love a good scare, check out one of Atlanta’s top 5 haunted houses and make it a Halloween that’ll scare your socks off.