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Atlanta's Unique Christmas Traditions

Some holiday traditions come and go, and some stay the same. However, some cities and states may have completely different holiday traditions that you eventually learn once you move there. If you are moving to Atlanta, local moving companies have a cheat sheet with Atlanta’s unique Christmas traditions that very few outsiders may be aware of.

The Pink Pig. Atlanta winters can be cold and blistering; however, that does not stop hundreds to thousands of locals from lining down the block and waiting for hours to ride The Pink Pig in a tent, in the Macy’s parking lot of the Lenox Square Mall.

Santa Scheduling. If you have babies and you live in Atlanta, there is no doubt that everyone is going to be asking you whether or not you are registered on Baby Braithwaite, or listed their items as potential gifts for family members to get your youngest of children. If you are moving to Atlanta and you want the best Christmas photos with Santa, you better get on the registration for Santa at Phipps Plaza. Santa scheduling at Phipps Plaza is a lengthy process that local parents anxiously await to be bumped up on the list for.

Christmas Lights. One of Atlanta’s unique Christmas traditions that is not unheard of around the country are their Christmas Lights! In Atlanta, the house in the neighborhood with the busiest, brightest lights and most elaborate Christmas scene and display outside is the winner of a prize. After moving to Atlanta, be sure to hit the local stores to stock up on the best, craziest, most unique and decorative Christmas décor in town - before it all sells out!

Christmas Cookies. What Atlanta movers would refer to as “professional cookie cheaters,” Christmas cookie exchanges mean finding the best cookies in bakeries around town and buying out their stock. Then you go and show them off in an exchange or as dessert at your holiday party.

Christmas Smocks. That’s right – smocks. Atlantans love dressing their kids in holiday-inspired smocks during Christmas. You can expect to see nearly every little girl in a smock throughout the month of December. So, if you have a little one, be sure to buy them or make them smocks for the month. Atlanta movers also suggest giving them as gifts.

Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain. Each year, Atlantans can’t wait until the weekend to pack the family in the car and spend an entire day sledding and tubing down Snow Mountain.

Tea Time.  If you are moving to Atlanta and have young girls, you can expect your little one to return home from school during the month of November and December talking about how everyone is going to tea time. In fact, tea becomes increasingly popular in sales all throughout the city during the holidays. For tea times throughout the city, check out Red Tricycle’s Tea for Tots: An Atlanta Holiday Tradition