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3 Reasons Why Athens Georgia Is the Best College Town

Ah it’s time for college. High school students from all parts of the United States are gearing up for graduation and college is on the horizon. It’s time for the age old tradition of packing up what’s most important to you, putting it in the moving van, and moving to a college miles away. Moving to college has been a rite of passage for millions of Americans for decades. There are a few cities around the country that have taken on the titles of college town. Athens, Georgia is not only a college town but some might say one of the best college towns around.

Athens Georgia is home to the University of Georgia. Go Bulldogs! The University has a rich and colorful history. But above all, it’s a great institution and the best in the State of Georgia. But don’t just take that at face value, read on and discover why Athens, Georgia is considered one of the best college towns in the United States:

Birthplace of Alternative Rock – Athens, Georgia is considered the birthplace of alternative rock and new wave. R.E.M. and the B-52s are two of the notable bands that got their start in Athens. For years Athens has been known for its fantastic music scene. The theaters have housed some of the great upcoming bands as well as living legends. To even be considered in the top 10 best college towns in America, the music scene has to be on point. Also, R.E.M. and others often do secret shows in Athens still to this day. They will simply walk into a bar and start playing. It often comes completely out of nowhere.

College Nightlife – College is synonymous with bars, clubs, and general shenanigans. In the fight to be one of the best college towns in the US, Athens, Georgia is bringing the heat. Downtown Athens has 80 bars. That is no exaggeration. 80 bars in a single square mile. If you’re moving to college campus, you can rest easy knowing that downtown Athens is mere steps away from the campus and dorms. Fun college fact: this downtown area has given Athens, Georgia the prestigious honor of having more bars per capita than any other city in the US. 

Cheap Rent – Any college town worth its salt caters to the students. The standard of education is always the priority, after that, a great social life is next on the list. The two points above take care of that. But finally, the reason why Athens Georgia is considered one of the best college towns in the US is simply the price. Rent in Athens Georgia is very cheap. The average you’ll be paying is about $300 for a room. If you pay more than $400 then you can definitely find something better.