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Whether you are a recent transplant to Georgia or you’ve moved to other parts of the world, the Georgia lifestyle sticks with you! For those who just moved to Georgia, you may want to begin decorating your new home. Taking inspiration from your new community can help spark the creative juices and leave you with a beautiful new home to start your new journey. As for those leaving the friendly south, having a few Georgia reminders around the house is always a good idea. The local Athens moving company has put together 2 Do-It-Yourself projects to help you show off your Georgia Pride in your home.

Support the Georgia Bull Dogs

As a true Georgian, having pride in the Georgia Bull Dogs comes as second nature. Decorate your new home with some Bull dog décor such as a simple burlap flag with the Georgia logo and colors! See below how to make your very own DIY Georgian Garden Flag!


  • Burlap
  • Fabric in school colors
  • Fabric replica of Georgia Logo
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Glue
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Garden Flag stand

Burlap is a great choice for a Georgia garden flag because it adds a rustic feel. Start creating your flag by measuring the length you want your flag. If you are making a vertical flag, measure how long you want it to hang from the pole. Fold over a 4-inch section of the burlap to create a pocket for the flag rod. You can glue or stitch the bottom of this flap to your flag. DO NOT stitch the right and left sides as that is where you will slide the flag rod into.

Now it’s time to decorate! Use your colored fabric to add a design to your flag. You can add the fabric to the four corners and alternate colors or even split your flag into sections and cover it completely. You have the ability to personalize your flag. However, remember to leave a spot open for the logo! Attach all decoration to your flag by stitching or gluing. Let dry and then slip into your flag pole and show off your Georgia Pride!

DIY Rope Sign

A rope sign is a clever, easy and cheap way to add a rustic Georgian feel to your home. Rope signs can be achieved in seconds and can say anything you want! Here’s how you can make your very own rope sign for your home!


Heavy twine

Reclaimed Wood

Pencil and paper to sketch chalk

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cordless drill

Miter saw or jigsaw

Step 1: Cut down the reclaimed wood strips to your desired length

Step 2: Sketch out the design or saying you want on paper first and then freehand it on the wood in chalk. This will form the outline for you to follow with the rope.

Step 3: Apply small strings of hot glue beads along the chalk outline. It needs to be done in short spurts because the glue dries fast.

Step 4: Quickly place the rope on the glue line to attach to wood.

Step 5: Find a place in your home to hang your creation! You can also add hooks on it to make it a key holder or to serve any other purpose you want.

From your local Athens moving company, we hope you enjoy these crafty DIY projects in your home!