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Casa Grande At A Glance

Take A Look At Casa Grande With All My Sons

Casa Grande is one of Arizona’s great communities. Nicknamed Playful City USA, casa Grande offers sun, fun and a great place to raise a family. With year round sunshine Casa Grande offers outdoor activities like golf, aquatics and soccer. It is also home to one of the great pre-Columbian sites in the Southwest. 

The area known today Casa Grande was originally home to Hohokam people. From 200 B.C. to the mid 15th century. Referred to as the Canal Builders, the Hohokam built an extensive network of irrigation canals. Some of these canals are still in use today.

Founded in 1879, the city known as Casa Grande today was originally called Terminus. The name came from the fact that the area was the end of the line for the Southern Pacific Railroad. The railroad was built to support the Arizona mining boom of the 19th century. In 1880, railroad executives renamed the settlement Casa Grande, after the Hohokam ruins at the nearby Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. The town was nearly abandoned for a time as the mines were played out but rebounded as farming and ranching moved into the area

In the 1950s

As the Phoenix metroplex began to expand In the 1950s Casa Grande’s population experienced rapid growth. A classic “bedroom community”, Casa Grande is located between Phoenix and Tucson and many of its residents work in these cities and commute to their homes in the area.

The local economy has traditionally been focused on the service and hospitality sectors. Recently retailer Walmart has built a retail store and a distribution center. Employers such as the Frito-Lay company and Abbott Nutrition have brought many new jobs to the area.  


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