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Things Young Adults Learn After Moving Away From Home

Moving away from home is considered a rite of passage to many, and for others it is realty’s way of slapping you in the face.

Regardless, for all young adults, it raises questions like: since when do air filters have to be replaced so much? Why are vacuums so expensive? How do people remember to lower the thermostat every day when leaving in the morning?

While the answers to these questions may in fact never be answered, these things you learn about life after moving away from home and moving to Tulsa, will make you wish you never turned 18.

  1. I was rich until I paid my bills. Here’s a tip: whatever amount you think you will have to spend, double it. Like it or not, you will definitely encounter expenses that you took for granted your entire life under your parents’ roof, including but not limited to: toilet seats, healthcare, water filters, q-tips, and oh so much more.
  2. All roommates are not created equal. Whether moving away from home and into a dorm, or moving into an apartment with a friend who has a surprise killer tarantula, moving away will make you realize that your old roommate (aka your mother) and that pesky habit she had of always doing your laundry really was not that bad after all. So when your new roommate “accidentally” loses Fluffy (the pet tarantula) for the 15th time or “forgets” to pay you rent, make sure to you give your parents a call and thank them for everything they did, that you now lack.
  3. Bills, Bills, Bills. Life pre-moving out: “Bills, Bills, Bills” is a song by Destiny’s Child that gets stuck on repeat in your head every time you hear it. Life post-moving out: bill, bills, bills is what crushes the short lived feeling of being rich after you get your paycheck. Like it or not, water, electricity, cell phones, and cable all add up and you have to remember to factor those “bills” into your budget. They also do not pay themselves, so remember to set a monthly reminder, because the only thing worse than bills are late fees.
  4. Jimmy John’s is your new best friend. Unfortunately, life in a dorm is not conducive to easily restocking your pantry, even more so if you do not have a car. If you are a college student, it is a harsh realty trying to fit all of your food into a tiny dorm refrigerator that you most likely have to share with someone else; especially if that roommate lives life by the “finders keepers” motto. You quickly discover how long you can survive on a diet consisting solely of Jimmy John’s and Ramen Noodles.
  5. Set 5 Alarm Clocks. While you may have taken for granted having someone that will wake you up in the event you hit snooze on your alarm 20 times in a row, you will find yourself doing all sorts of things to ensure that you wake up on time. Hey, no one is judging you for putting your alarm clock on the other side of your room just to make sure that you actually, physically get up.