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Tulsa Summer Bucket List

While your Tulsa movers are finishing unloading all of your family’s moving boxes into their respective rooms, it’s time to sneak out for an hour (or two) and let your hair down! After all, with a new school year creeping around the corner, the time to cross all the activities off your Tulsa summer bucket list is swiftly dwindling.

Take your kids out to explore Tulsa and make new friends before the madness of back-to-school begins. With over 20 years’ experience moving families into new Tulsa homes, All My Sons Moving & Storage has a couple events to add to your Tulsa summer bucket list.

Swim at the Blue Hole

One of the many natural swimming holes in Oklahoma, Blue hole is a popular swimming hole that has extremely shallow water – making it perfect for young swimmers. Since so many Tulsa kids head to the Blue Hole before school starts, in order to enjoy the last few weeks of freedom, prepare to have your kids leave with multiple new friends. If your kitchen still has yet to be unpacked from your move to Tulsa and you don’t feel like cooking, worry not! The Blue Hole has a concession stand with treats that even the pickiest of eaters would approve of.

Discover the Blue Whale

One of the most loved roadside attractions along Route 66, All My Sons knows that experiencing the Blue Whale is a rite of passage for everyone who just had their Tulsa moving company finish settling them into their new home. Take your kids to jump off the tail, slide down his fins, or poke their heads out of the holes in the whale’s head. Just don’t forget to take photos!

Watch a Movie in the Park

Every Thursday, at 8:30 p.m., you can head over to Guthrie Green to enjoy a movie in the park. An urban park and entertainment space in the heart of Tulsa’s Brady Arts District, Guthrie Green offers free events; such as: concerts, fitness classes, food trucks, and of course, movies. Some of the family-friendly movies on the calendar for August include: Annie, Kung Fu Panda and The Muppet Movie. What a perfect way to enjoy the last warm summer nights of August, outside relaxing with your family and enjoying your recent move to Tulsa.

Pick Your Own Berries

Tulsa movers are worried that since your family is new to town, that you will kick yourself during the winter if you let the rest of summer go by without taking advantage of all the berry farms that Tulsa has to offer. Head on over to Berryhill Blueberries, Endicott Farms, or Thunderbird Berry Farm and pick your own fresh berries to bring home. Use them to make a blueberry pie to bring to your new Tulsa neighbors, or simply as a back-to-school sweet treat. If you pick too many, just throw them in the freezer and enjoy them anytime you want.